Mother Gaia Universe Planet

When you look at another person do you see God? I never gave much thought to the actual reasoning for this but now after much contemplation and inner understanding I realize, we are God’s extension.

The ancients believe when the world was created from the breathe of God. We have inherited the ability to create through our unique and gifted potential just as it was intended for us to do.

The potential to tap into our true self is available to us once we achieve the ability to separate our thoughts from our innate understanding of what is and not what we allow the voice in our heads to manipulate us into thinking it is.

We are all capable of amazing, magical accomplishments, the awareness is what give us a sense of life beyond the form of things, where anything is possible.

The breathe of another person is the essence of their true self and when they open their mouths to speak what is it saying to you. Is God operating through the purest potential of that person, or is the encounter a waste of precious time because of the lip service you are receiving?

Lip service is telling you what you want to hear and not the real truth about the situation. All this does is prolongs the inevitable and your chances of achieving your life’s work which is an extension of the breathe of God.

Creation is at the heart and foundation which all things come about. We are mini Gods with the ability to help others to also achieve their destinies.

Our true destiny is not dictated through our Karma but in our ability to reverse our Karma by providing others with the lessons learned by our experiences along the way to enlightenment.

Our ability to understand that Karma is not personal, it’s universal, we are all in this together and together we will rise or fall depending on the true individual essence.

So be mindful of the choices you make and the people you surround yourself with, they can either lift you up or bring you down, the choice is yours. So choose wisely don’t allow yourself too many turns on the Karmic merry go round. Be present when engaging with others, keep your third eye tapped into the Cosmic Computer which goes beyond the thinking mind.

Remember there are no winners and losers based on the stigma of Karma. It’s all about getting the lessons learned sooner than later because in that way you can help others to get it for that is what we are here to do.

To be of service to others does not mean providing a tangible product like the internet or cable t.v., but helping others get it without any UNNECESSARY SUFFERING!!

There is no merit in martyrdom just look at the Saints and the Knights Templar, we create our own Karmic credit by just getting it!!!

Go easy on yourself Karma is a good thing and our ultimate destiny, it is propelled by our choices and the ability to remember (action, memory, and desire) We can continue to live in the past by the choices we make that continue to be the same, or accept what is and move on for more information that will serve us much better.

After all Karma is evolutionary and it’s fruitful reward is HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS available to everyone no matter who you are or where you have been.



letters to the universe

Just when all hope is lost and the unknown becomes more than you can bare, something wonderful can happen, our life’s direction seems to unveil itself just waiting for you to catch up to it, for it’s been there all along.

My dearest friend in all the world once asked me how do you know the difference between what is meant to be and what our imagination leads us to? My reply was by our “Motives and Intentions” or desire as most refer to it.

The quantum field of energy is greatly influenced by our Motives and Intentions . The phrase be mindful of what you think and what you ask for has true meaning. Our extended body is the Universe, we are made up of the same stuff, and ultimately our consciousness level depends on the energy content of your body, how you receive and extend energy.

Our thoughts are very powerful they can open the door to infinite possibilities or be the cause of it closing till a later point in time when we are more consciously ready.

When we realize the information and energy content of our bodies can change is evident in our personal environments. This is a place where you are free to be in an energy field that is conducive to your desire for receiving pure potential consciousness.

When we live in an energy restricting environment we remain in constant conflict with what is. We remain defensive, and feel as if the whole Universe is against you. But when you let go and go with the flow instead of against it the need to convince others of who you are becomes unimportant, and the defense mechanism drops and opens up a whole new flow of energy.

We then enter the path of least resistance where anything is possible. A place where your Motives and Intentions can manifest into your reality. The Universal energy becomes open and available to you.

So be mindful of what you wish for, destiny is just a matter of getting there, for many this journey is longer and harder than others. The “Law of Karma” reminds us that transcendence simply means to keep going till we get it, going back in and out until we realize and except we are all worthy of happiness.

For every action there is a reaction and it is all genetically calculated in our memory cells. Karma is our memory cell in action striving to achieve our longing for happiness, and the desire that can be driven by our intentions. So take time to meditate on your true intentions for yourself and those around you in this lifetime. Does it coincide with your environment, the place where all things are possible.

In a world with seven plus billion people how will the Universe find you and cooperate with your conscious desire to be of service to the world we live in. It begins with the purity of heart, the root of all our behavior. The other brain that not many take much note of. Become more aware of your feelings and less affected by false desire that is fleeting.

When the ego energy is freed up you become immune to criticism and you can begin to receive and store energy in your body, and the struggle against what you cannot control fades away and a transformation takes place for the better. It seems hard at first but when you trust in “Universal Law” then watch your life unfold with ease and grace.

There are forces at work, so let them work for you, do not pass up the opportunity to see a miracle in action, for it simply happens “OUT of LOVE”. The act of giving and receiving goes far beyond the limitation of money, some things have no price tag, and some people can only give through love as an expression of the value placed on your awareness for each other.

It is possible to give wherever you go and one day where you gave your limitless love and desire may return to you in ways that are unimaginable, and beyond human influence.
The true path to happiness and all the success it can bring is through GRATITUDE AND HUMILITY!

We are all different yet the same, as above so below, the ancients understood this and remained humble in all their knowledge. The knowledge we seek is inside of us just waiting to be released through total acceptance of what is. All we have is now, we all know this yet resist it as if we can control the future. The future never comes, and the past is behind us, so enjoy each day and know you are beautiful and very relevant for you are the Universe walking on Earth bringing limitless possibilities to all you meet.

A smile for many can change their day and shift the energy that surrounds them, this is a gift that goes on giving. A simple act that can gain enormous Karmic credit.