into_the_forest_by_chriscold-d6ew0fiWe all fail at something, weather it’s in a job, relationship, communication,a project, failure to see the  hidden meaning in the way of a sign or a symbol that is put before us for interpretation , so that the art of failing gracefully allows us to embrace the unknown . .

Hind sight is always easy when reflecting on a situation gone wrong.  Mis interpretation is often the main factor in poor decision making.

The hardest part of feeling failure is the possibility that your disappearance can so easily be discarded.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  This is when the true test of self love applies.

All the enlightened reading cannot actually do the work for you, so to measure the experience is a mere reflection of your thoughts about it.

Anger, disappointment,  regret, blame, the need to clarify, none of which will alter the fact that the event which created the need for change can be corrected.

So what are we left with, a choice to move forward inspite of our regrets which translate into failure? or take a moment to reflect on what’s truly important to you in your inner most sacred place, and then thank the forces that created the circumstances to force us to reflect on the conflict between our inner world and our outer world.

Our journey and the paths we take are sometimes driven by principal rather than our true happiness.  Happiness is a state of being that overrides all the wasted time when making a decision that was not true to who we are.

We all have our individual journey though life.  The key is to realize we cannot walk this path alone, it’s just that sometimes we must share the path with someone not of our choosing, but then where is the lesson in that.

Our paths can prove confusing and interferred with by so much noise and clutter, our state of confusion enhanced by the overgrown foliage can camouflage the way causing it to be hidden from our sight.

Sometimes the answer is in plain sight but do to its simplicity can be overlooked and we then find ourselves on a beaten path only to be repeated til we get it.

Just as we are all individual so too is our journey through life.  The key to finding the path less traveled is to come out of exile and join the living through embracing the unknown..






What twist of fate had to occur for one to be the leader and the other to be lead. Who would you say has it better? Is this Karma at work or merely prior energy forms reincarnated?

Energy never dies, so as we leave our physical form we enter a realm of Universal law where energy is dispursed and free to land almost anywhere. Taking on a new form, perhaps as another human, a plant, an animal, a tree, an insect, etc.

I have often heard it said that our children are just passing through us on their way to enlightenment, yet as parents we are compelled to dominate their behavior and existence preventing them from making choices more conducive to their karmic path.

Our ability to reach our full potential as a conscious human being is greatly affected by our environment, both external and internal. In order to find safety where we dwell it must be free of the conditoning of the past.

This can be made possible by surrounding ourselves with people and objects that contain a vibration that allows us to feel nurtured and safe from the outside influences of everyday life.

Things are never really as they seem and for sure you can never really know what another person is thinking even if they tell you. The one defense you have if utilized properly is the ability to feel the energy and the vibration.

You may ask how do I accomplished this? The answer is by listening and paying attention to your body, which is taking direction from your second brain, and that is your Heart.

We humans are programed to innately understand the truth of things by the way our hearts (gut feelings) tell us. Most often after an event took place we realize in retrospect that we knew it all along.

So this is the concept of karma. How many times do you need to keep repeating old patterns that do not serve you but only cause you to keep going back for more of the same lesson?

Til one day it’s as if a rock hit your head and you say “oh yeh now I get it” The lesson is taylor made just for you, and only you, and so the choices are yours as well.

You are the author of your own story, and how it ends is up to you. The pen is in your hand and the answers as well.

Stop looking for approval of others, it’s yourself you need to impress, the essence of who you are is being given another oppourtunity to see the light.

The light its offering is your own. The time is now to embrace the truth of things! Open your eyes and your hearts to recognize yourself behind all the static and noise that comes from being human today.

There is no such thing as “Bad Karma” only bad choices that prolong your ability to be free from suffering and ultimately happy and successful.

Ask yourself before making a choice that you are not totally conscious with, “Does this seem familiar? Have I been down this road before? and why am”I here again?”

Become the observer, witness the event as it unfolds, then you will understand the importance of conscious choice making not only for yourself but for everyone it will affect by your decision.

Sometimes the choice you are thinking of making seems too difficult and ultimately fear kicks in. The fear of being alone, not having the finances, loosing family or friends, a lover, a job, etc. The choice becomes agonizing and all reason seems to disappear and the element of trust in the unknown seems just too risky. But know this, your heart knows, it’s tapped into the Cosmic computer, it rationalizes everything and sums it up in a feeling.

Karma ultimately is your evolutionary watch dog, making sure you get it before you move on. In order to move on with life you must understand its all an evolutionary process for us and those in our lives currently.

Bad choices are simply the longer way home, so be consciously aware of the message your heart is giving you, all the variables are calculated, configured and reconfigured before it’s next beat, and we surely can’t beat that.


Love and Light