Mother Gaia Universe Planet

When you look at another person do you see God? I never gave much thought to the actual reasoning for this but now after much contemplation and inner understanding I realize, we are God’s extension.

The ancients believe when the world was created from the breathe of God. We have inherited the ability to create through our unique and gifted potential just as it was intended for us to do.

The potential to tap into our true self is available to us once we achieve the ability to separate our thoughts from our innate understanding of what is and not what we allow the voice in our heads to manipulate us into thinking it is.

We are all capable of amazing, magical accomplishments, the awareness is what give us a sense of life beyond the form of things, where anything is possible.

The breathe of another person is the essence of their true self and when they open their mouths to speak what is it saying to you. Is God operating through the purest potential of that person, or is the encounter a waste of precious time because of the lip service you are receiving?

Lip service is telling you what you want to hear and not the real truth about the situation. All this does is prolongs the inevitable and your chances of achieving your life’s work which is an extension of the breathe of God.

Creation is at the heart and foundation which all things come about. We are mini Gods with the ability to help others to also achieve their destinies.

Our true destiny is not dictated through our Karma but in our ability to reverse our Karma by providing others with the lessons learned by our experiences along the way to enlightenment.

Our ability to understand that Karma is not personal, it’s universal, we are all in this together and together we will rise or fall depending on the true individual essence.

So be mindful of the choices you make and the people you surround yourself with, they can either lift you up or bring you down, the choice is yours. So choose wisely don’t allow yourself too many turns on the Karmic merry go round. Be present when engaging with others, keep your third eye tapped into the Cosmic Computer which goes beyond the thinking mind.

Remember there are no winners and losers based on the stigma of Karma. It’s all about getting the lessons learned sooner than later because in that way you can help others to get it for that is what we are here to do.

To be of service to others does not mean providing a tangible product like the internet or cable t.v., but helping others get it without any UNNECESSARY SUFFERING!!

There is no merit in martyrdom just look at the Saints and the Knights Templar, we create our own Karmic credit by just getting it!!!

Go easy on yourself Karma is a good thing and our ultimate destiny, it is propelled by our choices and the ability to remember (action, memory, and desire) We can continue to live in the past by the choices we make that continue to be the same, or accept what is and move on for more information that will serve us much better.

After all Karma is evolutionary and it’s fruitful reward is HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS available to everyone no matter who you are or where you have been.




Life is like a finely woven fabric, embedded, never to be forgotten by the changing times. Before the great painters of the world this was an expression and a labor of love. An assurance to be remembered throughout the centuries.

We are all weaving our history creating as we go trusting it will be worth remembering. Are we following a particular pattern that has been laid out? or are we going with the flow that can lead us to the unimaginable.

I always say expect the unexpected embrace its purpose look closely for the sign and the symbol represented in its appearance.

We only have this time as far as we know, and to hope for another chance to defy the odds in another lifetime is not as certain as this one.

Who says that we cannot do something outside of the realm of our current situation? who knows this? what makes them so sure especially if you are not.

Trust that whatever is calling to you through the veils of reality knows who you are and is just waiting and watching for you to get it.

So take comfort in knowing you will not be alone in your decision making, and the courage and trust needed will accompany you on your journey, the path to your own discovery.

We are all tourists of life experiencing as we go, students in a sea of information realizing we only have one true guide and teacher. Some may take on the role of all knowing in their attempt to imagine their importance.

As we are learning through the events of our world, no one can be successful at playing god. The Divine has no name, no face, no agenda, but waits patiently for the awakening that will save us all.