the importance of sleep


It has been quite some time since I posted last and a lot has happened to make me realize that closing my eyes to what is will no longer protect me or the rest of the world from what lies ahead.

We go about our daily business to try and get through all the demands our lives and jobs require. This in itself is exhausting and making time for personal needs and reflections seems almost impossible.

Ignoring what’s happening around the world and even in our own backyard is very necessary to plow through mentally and emotionally as not to become too distracted.

Jobs become exercises and the people in our lives are taken for granted, as we systematically go through our day hoping for the absense of a problem or dilema that may cause us to deviated from the norm and have to come up with a solution that we may or may not be comfortable with.

Allowing drama to take over avoids the truth of things and the static and confusion created by the negativity allows us to stay asleep exposing our vulnerability to become even more targeted.  This is like a magnet to those around us who would take advantage of our inability to be present in our thoughts and actions.

So the first step is opening up our eyes to see what is right in front of us, then opening up our hearts to accept what is, and change the only thing we can about everything and that is our thoughts about it.

Seeing, hearing ,and accepting the truth of things is the first step towards coming out of a day dream that all is well in the world, a world you are apart of and will be affected by.

We can all make a change on this Earth we call home one thought at a time, for our thoughts are powerful and our true intentions greater than we realize.  Be conscious of what you think and say, make it come from love and kindness it’s the first step towards real change.

We are all connected and cross paths with others for reasons we sometimes do not understand.  But to be grateful and humble through the current phases in our lives opens up the true lesson in all our encounters.

Send love and light to those all around the world going through very difficult life lessons,and be ever so grateful that yours are manageable if you just open your heart and walk away from conflict.Fighting fire with fire only causes more pain, it’s easier to be good than evil.

Ask yourself again and again do I conduct myself from love or fear?  The answer will help you understand why your life is unfolding the way it is.

Love yourself enough not to look for it in places it can never exist for you.  Love those who see you for who you are, and walk away from a love that does not serve you.  But in order to do that you must know who lives in your heart and make it a place others too would like to live.



April 18th 2016




Sisterhood Janmot

Every once and a while I feel the void of not having a sister in my life. Someone who just gets me and accepts who I’am simply because we are from the same mother. An inherent buddy who is always there for me, to comfort, rescue, and reassure that all will be well, for we have each other.

All around me in my work I see sisters who truly do not like each other and I realize the sister I seek is in the friends I choose. The same comfort, and unconditional love can be shared simply because as women we need to stick together and support each other in whatever way possible.

In our modern world it’s hard to find such soul sisters for women are not the same as they use to be. The Goddess never allowed suffering to go on around her even if it’s not her kin. We are all kindred spirits, the same yet uniquely different, experiencing our human existence in various ways. Some are made to struggle more while others seem to have what they need without too much effort.

With the emphasis on the return of the Goddess in our modern world perhaps the wait is over for the sisters to reunite as a whole and help create a force to be reckoned with against crimes committed to other sisters.

We think only the wealthy can give to such causes, but the money is not always the solution. It’s the hope in knowing someone cares and is at least trying to reach out and give a helping hand.

I have always believed that women need women, not just to compare men, or clothing, or the next planned vacation, but to support their true purpose here on Earth, and that is to give life and to be sure the balance is maintained.

I have been very fortunate over the years in my adopted sisters, as many of you can also reflect on. But it only takes one true friend who becomes like a sister to you because she gives you the will to carry on when all else fails you.

Pick and choose your friends wisely, and you too will experience the joy that comes from knowing there is no judgement between you.

Embrace the Goddess that dwells inside you and leave all the righteousness outside the boundaries of your friendship. The last thing someone needs is another opinion, or could have, should have, yada yada.

I write this today in honor of a friend who through the years of her support and unconditional love has become my sister in arms, as we protect each other from the world around us.

This is the season to be loving and kind, but the true “Sisterhood of the Divine” does not need a time or reason to be compassionate and understanding.

We are all Goddesses, free spirited and rooted in the magic to transform ourselves and others! What a gift, and how it will be appreciated when it is share with another.

What Goddess do you represent? There are so many to choose from, look them up, pick one that really speaks to you and ask for her to give you the guidance and strength to understand how important you are and to the world around you.

All Goddesses are depicted as beautiful, and so you too are beautiful, allow others to see and experience that energy so they too can feel beautiful.
Beauty comes from the inside and is shared through its vibration which is love.

The ancient sages and philosophers understood, it’s only the HEART that recognizes the Divine in all of us, for it cannot be heard of or told, or seen by the eyes or intellect of mind. This is “The Doorway of Acquaintance” So recognize your true sister as your path leads you to each other, allow your heart to show you the real purpose for the encounter, be sure you don’t just take from the experience but give to it as well.

To all my Sisters

Love and Light