the importance of sleep


It has been quite some time since I posted last and a lot has happened to make me realize that closing my eyes to what is will no longer protect me or the rest of the world from what lies ahead.

We go about our daily business to try and get through all the demands our lives and jobs require. This in itself is exhausting and making time for personal needs and reflections seems almost impossible.

Ignoring what’s happening around the world and even in our own backyard is very necessary to plow through mentally and emotionally as not to become too distracted.

Jobs become exercises and the people in our lives are taken for granted, as we systematically go through our day hoping for the absense of a problem or dilema that may cause us to deviated from the norm and have to come up with a solution that we may or may not be comfortable with.

Allowing drama to take over avoids the truth of things and the static and confusion created by the negativity allows us to stay asleep exposing our vulnerability to become even more targeted.  This is like a magnet to those around us who would take advantage of our inability to be present in our thoughts and actions.

So the first step is opening up our eyes to see what is right in front of us, then opening up our hearts to accept what is, and change the only thing we can about everything and that is our thoughts about it.

Seeing, hearing ,and accepting the truth of things is the first step towards coming out of a day dream that all is well in the world, a world you are apart of and will be affected by.

We can all make a change on this Earth we call home one thought at a time, for our thoughts are powerful and our true intentions greater than we realize.  Be conscious of what you think and say, make it come from love and kindness it’s the first step towards real change.

We are all connected and cross paths with others for reasons we sometimes do not understand.  But to be grateful and humble through the current phases in our lives opens up the true lesson in all our encounters.

Send love and light to those all around the world going through very difficult life lessons,and be ever so grateful that yours are manageable if you just open your heart and walk away from conflict.Fighting fire with fire only causes more pain, it’s easier to be good than evil.

Ask yourself again and again do I conduct myself from love or fear?  The answer will help you understand why your life is unfolding the way it is.

Love yourself enough not to look for it in places it can never exist for you.  Love those who see you for who you are, and walk away from a love that does not serve you.  But in order to do that you must know who lives in your heart and make it a place others too would like to live.



April 18th 2016





Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, never experiencing my favorite things, or places with her, but the idea of her is never far from my deepest thoughts and they must stay deep they are safe there and they are mine .

We are all subject to unnecessary and most often untrue criticism of who the people closest to us think we are. There’s always that odd duck in the family, I believe was put there just for amusement for those who only dream about the things that they accuse others of doing.

Well thank the gods for imagination anyway, through the years its been my best friend!
It has come with me to the most amazing places both in my head and before my eyes. It’s what gives me the idea that I can relate to all of you as I have experienced your pain and joy.

The power of words is an art form and a platform for the healing process. Getting to know yourself through the thoughts of others but more importantly getting to know yourself that the exercise of writing can unveil.

We are all writers telling stories of personal experiences or of an experience that takes place in a world only you can create.
For many years I use to wish I could write, tell stories that aloud others to escape in. Then something amazing happened, I realized through all my pain, suffering, and struggle for personal identity my life was an adventure taylor made for me, and if the past had been anything different, if I had a nurturing mother then my experiences would be different and perhaps not so understanding.

Throughout my life I resented the lack of love and understanding my mother found impossible to give me. I often wondered who and what I would have become if I had made the choices that were right for me, instead of constantly looking for unconditional love and acceptance from the one person I truly needed it from.

Then I began to consider how she must have felt, being let down by her preconceived notions of who I should have been as her daughter. Acceptance began to creep in as I understood for the first time that I was the mother and she was a child doing the best she knew how to in her evolutionary process.

So you see just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we know everything and have all the answers especially if we are young souls.

Embracing the child within me allowed for the recognition of just how much of an old soul I’am and thought how special I must truly be for the Universe to recognize the need for me to come through my mother, as she was a “work in progress”.

The unnecessary suffering I put myself through all those years thinking I was slighted by not having a nurturing mother has caused me to go deep into the trenches of my greatest fear “that I was not good enough” has arisen to a new story of me one that will go on and on through all of eternity, and the message I received from the Universe is one I pass along to you.

Love yourself enough so the expectations of others is limited by your limitlessness to love and embrace the truth of things even if at first you don’t get it, try and try again! It only took me 55++ years to get it.

There are no short cuts to true spirituality and do not be fooled by those who profess to be evolved spiritually, the proof is in the pudding, as we have all heard. What I know now about that saying is the depth and texture of love can be tasted by everyone.

Acceptance of “what is” allows for you to take the pressure off yourself to not fight the facts but proceed with the solution that is just waiting for you to see without any guilt or shame attached to it. For we are only human, or are we?

Love and acceptance