Have you ever felt as if one half of you does not know what the other half is really thinking or more importantly feeling. It’s as if you are torn between one way of behaving that is in total conflict with how the other half of you would like to engage and or respond.
So how does one handle the inner conflict that seems to wage war on our ability to determine what’s best for us and not just to pacify a situation do to our inability to know which side we are really on.
The image above expresses the understanding that all opposites create a whole and with clear observation a happy medium of awareness can bring a state of acceptance that allows for a sense of peace and calm.
The realization that the only thing we have control over is our thoughts about the situation, and all else is not in our ability to persuade for very long, the real truth of the matter will rise on its own without any contradiction on your part.
Less is more and if one half of you is wise enough to quiet the other than listen and watch the result of non action.
Within your grasp is the consciousness of your behavior which not only affects you but all those around you. Taking a few moments to think about something before reacting to it, allowing for your other half to respond and show a different perspective on the subject will save you hours of conflict and defensiveness that can serve no one.
We have the power to go within, listen to our gut which is the heart giving us a vibration that comes from either fear or love. Let love rule your life, for only good can come from that sense of knowing.
We are all children trying to find our way home. A place where we are seen for who we are not what we are. Love defines us gives us strength to carry on even when all seems so dim and hopeless.
Remember we are all on our own paths and the journey home is longer for many and they must be permitted to make mis-takes along the way. Our roll in their journey which we are a part of for whatever reason, is to be kind and forgiving. Forgiveness is the hardest lesson but the most rewarding.
Listen to your higher self it is closer to God and has a direct connection to the cosmic computer, all you have to do is plug yourself in and sit back and enjoy the ride




I use to think when people sat around and talked about other people it was because of a lack of anything else to do. So why is it in our fast paced and very little spare time modern world that we still find ourselves intrenched in the art of gossip?

Even though we are more intelligent than ever and have every axcess to entertainment possible, we still find other peoples lives so much more interesting. Most of the info however is never acurate and lends itself a certain twist that the person spreading the news gives it. This causes the truth of the situation to become more and more distorted as it hits the air waves and creates nothing more then static and hot air.

Bad news travels fast and is so much more entertaining than anything positive. How is it that the majority of us take pleasure in other peoples pain ad suffering? The attention given to the negative event causes it to grow and manifest itself around a collective life force that thrives on the ego’s need for a quick fix, such as a news flash that is based on false truth of the situation.

The saying “from my lips to your ears” simply means the information gets lost in the translation and the story becomes a work in progress down the chain of interpreters giving their emphasis on the matter.

Does anyone stop to consider the enormous affect this has on the people who are the subject of the day, and how the way in which they have become the target to such deviousness will cause them unnecessary harm?

The opportunity to engage in idol gossip is very tempting at first, it’s a social thing and believe it or not a family thing as well. However the one thing I have learned about the world of gossip is that sooner or later it’s your turn. This is a lesson that for most will snap the sense back into them. This ancient art form is cruel and causes nothing but unhappiness to the person, or should I say flavor of the day that is being targeted. The mean and cruel spirit of the mob foaming at the mouth for fresh meat to talk about cares nothing about the truth of the matter, only the temporary pleasure it gives them.

I believe this is at the “Heart” of the state of the world today. People behaving in such ways they think they are entitled to because this is the way our ancestors entertained themselves.

There is always strength in numbers, but what if less and less of us joined in on the waste of precious time that idol gossip lends itself to, and started to put those energies into something far more productive.

Many people are at a loss for what to do besides watch tv or read a fictional novel.
The thought of no telephone, (which I truly believe created the true sense of meaningless gossip) or even the internet which has for most become a true sense of social engagement, and the withdrawals from this so called harmless drug could prove fatal for many.

Once I realized how often I found myself in the center of gossip, the shock and amazement caused me to make a choice. To buy into their delusion of who I’am or to cut off ties with some people in my life I loved so very much.

I chose to write about such things, to instill in others who for some reason are targeted and misrepresented by the forked tongue of the evil we are all capable of. The choice to walk away from what we know best and honor the truth of who we are can open doors never thought possible. This will allow you to be the best you can be with the freedom of knowing the truth is inside of you where no one can take it or make it anything other than yours.

Be brave recognize the falseness in others, simply walk away from the vibrational field that contains the ability for people to be unkind. Your vibration will be lifted taking you with it.

Be mindful of who you let in your field of safety, then the struggle to be who you truly are will be over and can enjoy the peace that comes with your own company.

The act of embracing who you are needs no permission from anyone but you! Get to know yourself so when you are judged or treated unfairly the purpose of the attack will not succeed and they will soon loose interest and move on to a weaker spirited target.

Our spirit is our friend and because of it we are never alone. So enjoy the perks of being human and before you know it the true spirit that lives inside you will enter a world where the gate closes for those who choose to be a lesser version of themselves.

You are beautiful only the Divine can tell you otherwise!

Lots of Love and Laughter