Self Discovery

LETTERS TO WILLIAM: The Journey and the Transformation

I wrote this letter as a CATCH and RELEASE concept that once and for all would free me from the clutches of the past and a memory that would haunt me till now.

The realization that there are no accidents and that every experience along the road of life has a specific agenda in the form of a lesson to be learned, checked off, and then move on to the next cross road challenging us as  to which turn to make deciding how long it will take for us to get it.

For some of us the road is longer than others and that does not mean we are less fortunate but just that it takes a little longer to get it but as long as we do before we embark on The Great Journey we are ok.

As I began this letter drudging up stuff I spent years suppressing so I could be amongst the living I had no idea where this would ultimately take me.

I began to understand why people are present in our lives and the truth about ourselves that we are meant to learn so we can embrace our uniqueness with love and respect and most importantly acceptance of our circumstances as they are not as they appear to be, and only by facing the reality of the situation can we grasp the hidden agenda behind the encounter. This experience showed me more of myself than I could have imagined in the last 45 years of so called living.

For many of us living a life taylor made by our parents was all we knew and this information in the form of a letter I share with you as an encouragement to try this not out of hate, or regret, but humility and thankfulness for the experience and release and let go out of LOVE  and enormous GRATITUDE.

I wrote many letters in the past but with a different agenda, to use it as a form of letting go and expressing the anger and disappointment for all the harm that was done, then burning it and thinking that was the answer.  But the pain was still there and as I know now it was because I did not learn the lesson hidden in the pain that we allowed others to inflict on us.  In some way through our genes and ultimately our environments at the time did not nurture us in a way that we could explore who we really were as a thinking, feeling human being with all our uniqueness and innate sense of who we really are.

So as a result we form patterns and repeat them over and over again in the form of the mates we choose the friends we surround ourselves with, the environments we live in, feeding a sense of self through an identity with form, materialism that creates a thirst we could never quench a hole that could not be filled and we become lost in a world others have created and like it or not we feel lost and alone.

Wow that sounds horrible but true, and as a result we question life and become bored. How can this be who knows the boredom?  Maybe the Kardashians know? Seriously, who does the thinking for you?

In writing a letter to a significant person that through the encounter effected you so deeply you never really got over, will reveal to you a hidden message that is never too late to receive and perhaps free you from a bondage that will emerge the real you.

Good luck be brave go deep I will be there for you if you need help, but you will be safe for the truth of what is will set you free.

COMING SOON: A Course In “Letters To The Soul” My “Letter To William” will be used as an example and discussion on how many lessons can easily be over looked by missing the hidden meaning behind the experience.


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