For many years I have felt isolated and alone, like being stranded on an island with no boat or navigational tools to guide me back home.  So home has been my destination for many many years.  A place where my heart can feel comforted and safe from all that uncertainty with each new day.  The world is very scary and what makes it more previllant today is that people have forgotten what’s most important.

The truth is things have always been uncertain and unpredictable and for many thousands of years the search for home has always been a part of the worlds culture. It’s just that society ignores the fact that many go without knowing where they will rest their heads tomorrow. Privledge has caused a stigma around those less fortunate and an ignorance to think they might not find themselves in the same position someday.

As we all know life can change in the blink of an eye, whether it’s through financial failure, physical health, emotional breakdown, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, war, only a few can we control the outcome with, the rest is in the hands of the unknown and mother earth .  So why is it that we continue to play god when it comes to the fate of others?

The picture above shows stranded women with a true sense of desperation, fear and hopelessness, exactly what the circumstances wanted to create.  We can only imagine how they will persevere and survive the aftermath.  So often a situation is not of our doing and the need to feel victimized is what gets us through.  But what if we looked at it as a challenge to find out who we really are, and refuse to accept that in some crazy subconscious way  we deserve our fate.

Home is where the heart is and the heart lives inside of you.  You are your own best friend! We should not define ourselves from the amount of money, friends, jobs, family,or accomplishments we have obtained.  The truth is no two people are alike unless you wish to be a part of a heard that is identified by their persona, to be lead by a system that is breaking down.  Remember they can take away everything but the depth of who you are, your heat always goes wherever you go.

The Eygptians knew the heart is the persons ticket to eternity, weighed against a feather, stop being weighrd down by a heavy heart and embrace your true self by not wanting to be someone else, living somewhere else, longing for things to be different.  Stop asking why me and ask what’s the reason or more importantly what’s the lesson and how quickly can I accept this so I can move on in my journey.

For years I thought I was not capable of making the right decisions, then one day I realized there are no wrong decisions, just a longer way to get to where I need to be, home is right inside of you. No matter where you go there you are, and your essence, your true self will be there with you every step of the way.

Love yourself enough that no one can make you feel not worth of life because life is all about love, and the light you shine will be recognized by others and together with like minds true love can be found. Don’t waste your time trying to convince others of who you are, put that precious energy into yourself become one with nature and it’s creater, find peace and joy will follow, it’s truly liberating and life changing.  The path is not easy but the reward is priceless!

Love and Light







space junk

While taking my daily walk and as usual talking to whoever up there is listening I began to realize that I’am one of billions of people that are asking for help, making certain requests and promises as they try to cope with the many different life situations we find ourselves in.

I began to consider the ways in which one request can become more noticed than another. It made sense that the light that we carry would allow the Divine to see us and perhaps put us at the head of the list. There is a lot of work that goes into becoming a light being and certainly the light cannot shine unless it is fueled by our thoughts and actions.

This can certainly become a motivator in seeking out the real purpose of why we are here in this particular time and space.
Speaking of space, I then remembered reading about just how much junk there is orbiting around the Earth diminishing our capacity to shine through so much debris.

Then it began to make sense, in order to be seen and heard in the current climate of life we have to work even harder and be more consistent while remaining humble. Our way of life has not only effected our human condition, or Mother Earth but it is now extending into outer space.

The collective consciousness has breeched it’s borders and not in a good way. So what if the collective conscious were to be more mindful of the behavior of modern man, and less tolerant of that which destroys.

It may seem like an impossible task, and how can one person make such a difference? It’s like throwing a plastic bottle in with the compost pile, for that moment you were unconscious of what you were doing, your mind was elsewhere. What if you worked on being more present, and concentrated on performing one thing at a time, allowing your mind to be less focused on past or future events we have no control over.

Take a good look at the NASA photo above, how long will it take before we become consumed by our own garbage. The garbage I refer to is both visible and invisible. To be responsible for our own stuff is a start. Allow for mistakes to be made and corrected, it’s never too late to realize as you look closely at the photo somewhere in it is you.

We are here on Earth and it is safe to say by some amazing circumstances that even Religion and Science continue to question. It only makes sense that we should remain grateful and humble as we go through our daily routines.
Modern civilization has caused many complexities to the simplest and most basic things. Working has become so much more than just providing food and shelter, the bare necessities to get us through.

Instead of allowing everyone to have the same opportunities things have become extremely unbalanced, and too many are going without right in front of our eyes.
Pleasure for the moment has become our way of life, and as all things are fleeting, so are we.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, just the picture above as we proceed to destroy our planet and send a message to the Divine that we do not appreciate what we have, and how long will that be allowed before it will be put to an end?

If you wish to be heard than you have to work harder at the light you shine, for it’s harder than ever to be noticed here on Earth with so much interference.

Love and Light