a fog

Have you ever felt as if you were living in a fog, where the long awaited clearing seems to never come? Well you are not alone! The weather can be sunny with short periods of overcast, but not in your world. The birds are singing the flowers are blooming, but not in your world.

It’s hard to imagine that soon this feeling of despair will lift and reveal the beauty of life even if it’s raining. We can be so over come with sadness, and anxiety that all we can think about is how to get past the next few minutes. We dwell on why me and how is it that everyone else around me seems to have it all?

Your heart is so heavy it cannot send the right signals to the brain to provide the help needed to snap you out of the suffering that you are putting yourself through. We have all become so distant from our true nature, the essence of who we are that we begin to forget how miraculous our bodies are that it allows us not to be in control because then we would forget the one key ingredient for survival, “Just Breathe”

The act of breathing when concentrated on relieves our aching souls for that brief moment that will have allowed for peace to enter even for just a few seconds. Dwelling on the negative gets so much more of a rap than it deserves. People in our lives constantly remind us of our limitations when the positive is so much more important.

Remember none of us were born with the answers and it’s unfair to think that just because our elders are older that have an inside track to the answers needed for us to solve our deepest concerns. Each one of us is unique and gifted in a way that no one else is, and it’s not realistic to think that anyone has the information you need when they are on a path of their own.

If a past event is causing you to constantly be in a state of grief because you do not know how to function without the thought form it has created in your memory bank, it’s time to realize all the past is a recollection in the present thought forms. You have power to change the thought form by letting it go where it belongs, in the past,a place where you were to learn from the experience and move on to the present, for that is where life is and that’s why it’s called “The Present”.

It’s the opportunity to get it right, to free you from the bondage of the past and all those who live there reminding you constantly of the mis-takes you’ve made, who do not possess the gift of forgiveness and unconditional love!!

Why live there, a place the sun never shines? and only in forgiving yourself and when you can fall in love with yourself will you be free to find those who think your are pretty awesome. We are all beautiful and unique onto ourselves, and those who do not embrace you because you think or behave differently, and that you are not worthy of the air you breathe have such lessons to learn that they will have nothing to offer you except repeat patterns and stories that are boring and ultimately no longer relevant.

But you are relevant!! You have a potential to be brilliant and recognizable to yourself, and to those who need your brilliance, that gift which comes in the “present”a time and place we have the privilege to be in.

So get up shake yourself off of all that which does not serve you, smell the coffee, and start the day in gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to get it right.




As the holidays approach many are filled with excitement and curiosity not just about the giving of gifts but the receiving as well.
The idea of tying the knot is ever so present in the atmosphere and women young and old anticipate that little piece of Mother Earth that will prove the love that exists between them.

For millennium precious stones and metals found inside the Earth have represented love and power. We have become fixated on the idea that bigger is better and the more the merrier.

But like so many of us have discovered the love that is shared between two people cannot be represented by an object, the form in which it takes maybe nothing more than a boasting of power and control over the spirit of that individual. For it appeals to our need to be worshipped and adorned.

This illusion of happiness causes many to get it only after the fact as the painting above represents, she obviously come out of the Church differently than when she went in as her heart recognized the true love she now has denied herself.

We often find ourselves in a situation that has the approval of the people in our lives, and certainly they act in a way where they think they know what’s best for us. Only you can realize what’s best for you, and the quality of the connection between you and your heart is where your true feelings lie.

Perhaps she was tired of waiting for the man she truly loved, and found the waiting too painful. We have all had the experience when we think a change of scenery will lessen the pain.

Wherever we go there we are, the one thing we cannot run away from is ourselves. So get to know yourself before you take on trying to know someone else, for that is an impossible task. No one really knows another”s true thoughts until perhaps for many it maybe too late.

Some decisions change the corse of our lives but the destination is always the same for everyone. We are all dying a little each day and ending something that does not serve us simply means the real you is emerging. As you begin to shed unnecessary attachment you become lighter in form so the formless that is the true essence of who you are came shine through.

This new field of energy that you mark your boundaries with attracts only those on the same vibrational level, this relationship needs no words to recognize each other, and they get you.

Understanding the self is the true purpose of life, what we do in our physical form determines the outcome of the one thing we all have in common, and that is the end of our form.

How will you spend what precious time we have to get it right? Are the people in your life allowing you to be you? and more importantly do you know who you truly are?.

It takes tremendous courage to face what we consider to be a mis-take, but it’s simply that, you mis took it for something else. Recognizing yourself in all of it is the true purpose of the events.

I truly believe there are no accidents and we are where we need to be for whatever the reason. The only control we have is our thoughts about it and ultimately how we handle it.

No one has all the answers, or is wiser than another, it’s only in our experiences that the questioning, such as “why me” can be found.

Give yourself a present this Xmas, so you will not be disappointed in the choice others make for you. The best gift anyone can receive is the freedom to be. Enjoy every moment as if it’s your last. Forget the past and all the decisions that caused you pain and regret.

No one knows what the future holds but we definitely know the present moment is ours so spend it wisely, realize the true purpose in this lifetime, that is to love ourselves enough not to ask too much from those who cannot give with unconditional love in return.

Lots of Love