a fog

Have you ever felt as if you were living in a fog, where the long awaited clearing seems to never come? Well you are not alone! The weather can be sunny with short periods of overcast, but not in your world. The birds are singing the flowers are blooming, but not in your world.

It’s hard to imagine that soon this feeling of despair will lift and reveal the beauty of life even if it’s raining. We can be so over come with sadness, and anxiety that all we can think about is how to get past the next few minutes. We dwell on why me and how is it that everyone else around me seems to have it all?

Your heart is so heavy it cannot send the right signals to the brain to provide the help needed to snap you out of the suffering that you are putting yourself through. We have all become so distant from our true nature, the essence of who we are that we begin to forget how miraculous our bodies are that it allows us not to be in control because then we would forget the one key ingredient for survival, “Just Breathe”

The act of breathing when concentrated on relieves our aching souls for that brief moment that will have allowed for peace to enter even for just a few seconds. Dwelling on the negative gets so much more of a rap than it deserves. People in our lives constantly remind us of our limitations when the positive is so much more important.

Remember none of us were born with the answers and it’s unfair to think that just because our elders are older that have an inside track to the answers needed for us to solve our deepest concerns. Each one of us is unique and gifted in a way that no one else is, and it’s not realistic to think that anyone has the information you need when they are on a path of their own.

If a past event is causing you to constantly be in a state of grief because you do not know how to function without the thought form it has created in your memory bank, it’s time to realize all the past is a recollection in the present thought forms. You have power to change the thought form by letting it go where it belongs, in the past,a place where you were to learn from the experience and move on to the present, for that is where life is and that’s why it’s called “The Present”.

It’s the opportunity to get it right, to free you from the bondage of the past and all those who live there reminding you constantly of the mis-takes you’ve made, who do not possess the gift of forgiveness and unconditional love!!

Why live there, a place the sun never shines? and only in forgiving yourself and when you can fall in love with yourself will you be free to find those who think your are pretty awesome. We are all beautiful and unique onto ourselves, and those who do not embrace you because you think or behave differently, and that you are not worthy of the air you breathe have such lessons to learn that they will have nothing to offer you except repeat patterns and stories that are boring and ultimately no longer relevant.

But you are relevant!! You have a potential to be brilliant and recognizable to yourself, and to those who need your brilliance, that gift which comes in the “present”a time and place we have the privilege to be in.

So get up shake yourself off of all that which does not serve you, smell the coffee, and start the day in gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to get it right.




Pure as the white driven snow can be like a metaphor to the state of our consciousness once we cross the bridge that connects us to the other side of our reality. The purity of heart that carries us closer and closer to the light gives us the courage to venture across the bridge that leads us to true freedom.

What freedom you may ask must I strive for, I have all the freedom I need in this modern day existence? Well the freedom I speak of is that from the ever present voice in the head which we mistake for being ours.

The relentless chatter the egoic self batters us with every minute of everyday is so present we mistake it for ours and believe it’s a natural occurrence. There’s nothing natural about it, it’s quite the opposite. Who is the it you may ask, well, that’s the voice in our heads causing us to stay in fear and unease as we go through our day.

The true purpose of the ego is to trust no one, especially the heartfelt reaction to events that shape our lives. It keeps us in a state of doubt and dependency on the opinions of other rather than our own, as we strive for acknowledgement and acceptance. It’s easier to agree than disagree so we make friends with the ego thinking it will serve us and all will be well.

All this sounds rather dim in a time when seasonal cheer is amongst us, however for many the New Year is a time for new resolutions and clarity of their lives. I bring this to the attention of those who already had a sense something was not right in their decision making, as the internal conflict seems to continue.

The correlation between the heartfelt response to a situation as opposed to the egoic reaction can truly prolong and lengthen the path on your life’s journey. The path is that of self discovery, truly understanding who you are in the silence of stillness, and that requires a quieting of the mind that may have stored a lot of out dated programing the ego has cluttered our mind with, leaving very little room for new ways of approaching your life.

Awareness is the first step to accepting what truly is, not a mind made story to suit our needs for the moment that the ego feeds on. The truth shall set you free, for the ego cannot live there.

Recognize yourself as you take the shorter way back home, “cross the bridge” eliminate that which causes you to second guess yourself. Avoid any unnecessary suffering as you struggle to find your own voice which the ego had control over.

The winter of our lives can emerge as beautifully as the springtime, we too can unfold as a flower as our unconscious self becomes conscious and we can relish in our true beauty. Follow the light for no darkness lives there.

Love and Light