Have you ever felt as if one half of you does not know what the other half is really thinking or more importantly feeling. It’s as if you are torn between one way of behaving that is in total conflict with how the other half of you would like to engage and or respond.
So how does one handle the inner conflict that seems to wage war on our ability to determine what’s best for us and not just to pacify a situation do to our inability to know which side we are really on.
The image above expresses the understanding that all opposites create a whole and with clear observation a happy medium of awareness can bring a state of acceptance that allows for a sense of peace and calm.
The realization that the only thing we have control over is our thoughts about the situation, and all else is not in our ability to persuade for very long, the real truth of the matter will rise on its own without any contradiction on your part.
Less is more and if one half of you is wise enough to quiet the other than listen and watch the result of non action.
Within your grasp is the consciousness of your behavior which not only affects you but all those around you. Taking a few moments to think about something before reacting to it, allowing for your other half to respond and show a different perspective on the subject will save you hours of conflict and defensiveness that can serve no one.
We have the power to go within, listen to our gut which is the heart giving us a vibration that comes from either fear or love. Let love rule your life, for only good can come from that sense of knowing.
We are all children trying to find our way home. A place where we are seen for who we are not what we are. Love defines us gives us strength to carry on even when all seems so dim and hopeless.
Remember we are all on our own paths and the journey home is longer for many and they must be permitted to make mis-takes along the way. Our roll in their journey which we are a part of for whatever reason, is to be kind and forgiving. Forgiveness is the hardest lesson but the most rewarding.
Listen to your higher self it is closer to God and has a direct connection to the cosmic computer, all you have to do is plug yourself in and sit back and enjoy the ride





As we approach what is so often referred to as “The Golden Years” and the end of this lifetime for many is closer than ever, what is the appropriate way of viewing and reflecting on the events that have shaped the corse of our life’s journey? Do we relish in what we did or what we didn’t do? Do we continue to blame others for the outcome of certain situations that left us wanting and confused?

It’s said the key to true happiness and a peaceful death is forgiveness,  yet for so many that’s just not possible!  The concept of forgiveness means surrendering or giving in to a stance they truly do not believe in.  If a standard has been breeched its considered unforgivable and the act lives on throughout a lifetime.

It is very possible to forgive, and perhaps it’s the forgetting that is harder to let go of.  The past has no power except that in which our thoughts give it.  To truly love someone is accepting who they are even if you do not approve of the way they conduct their lives. Each one of us has obstacles to overcome and make choices over.  Bad choices doe not mean they are bad people,  they just did what they thought was best at the time.

For many letting go of resentment means they may have to focus more time and attention on themselves.  Perhaps the concept that someone is only fifty percent of the problem concerning the dilemma is just not acceptable,  the need to be right over shadows any possibility of love and understanding.

Birth and death are the boundaries set in which the game of life is played.  Some people just need to win no matter how they overlook the one very important thing, we will all be judged in the end so why not just enjoy the beauty all around including the people in it.

We are all unique and embark on journeys that are truly our own,  the one thing that allows for a smoother ride is knowing you can depend on those you love.  No matter how many times it takes someone to get it eventually they will, and what a celebration that is.  The only ones not celebrating are the ones who refuse to forgive, and they are the true looser in the game of life.

Live each day in gratitude and love so you may exit this life with grace and dignity, love allows us to be humble for it is the only thing that really matters.


Love and Light and Laughter