Barra is a Life Coach, and has been a Personal Environment Specialist for over 25 years. Barra believes we are all products of our environment and created The Heart String Theory website as a platform for greater awareness of our hidden potentials waiting to be discovered.

We will explore the personal impact of the scientific evidence that the “Heart has a Brain “and how this will change the way we behave and think. The heart Intelligence provides an intuitive awareness that expands beyond linear logic. Learn what this impact can have on your life situations and gain the power to overcome circumstances and situations that have limited your personal growth and progress.

Our hearts reacts 8 seconds before our thinking mind kicks in, so the “gut reaction” we experience is telling us something in the form of a feeling, an innate sense separate from the files stored in the brain. Its response is to a vibration and a signal sensing good or bad, safety or danger. I often think how much quicker my life would have led me to this point if I had only listened to my hearts intelligence which comes from the Divine and exists in all of us.

The process by which we can easily access this innate ability is to clear the way for the communication the signal brings.

My intention is to share with you my experiences along the way which gave me the ability to accept what is, have the open mindedness to embrace change and let go and just go with the flow. The path of non resistance is not as easy as it sounds and during the cleaning out process we find it sometimes just too painful to endure.

Many have asked “how do I do this?” ” where do I begin?” It’s so overwhelming for most, and that’s why it’s important to surround yourself with an environment both internal and external that can nurture and allow you to go deep.

Dr. Carl Jung believes that we can all be shown a greater version of ourselves that exists beyond the genetic code and the path to self discovery is available to everyone. No matter what belief system, or location on Earth you dwell. We are all the same yet uniquely different, but ultimately connected.

Creating a safe place where the true spirit of who we are resides deep within a part of us that cannot be seen or measured by the naked eye, is the essence of who we truly are expressed through love and gratitude, being recognized as an energy field expanding out influencing all those around us helping to create a more harmonious environment.

The true nature of who we are is just waiting for us to wake up from a false sense of reality that prevents us from remembering who we really are.

Lots of Love