Swan Lake

Have you ever felt as if your wings were clipped at an early age, and the opportunity to fly with the wind was all you wanted to do to free yourself from a life of unhappiness and discontentment?
Have you ever felt so alone and different that the ability to free yourself was anchored by the weight of the fear that embellished your entire being?

It’s not easy being different from other humans that surround you and as a matter of fact it’s designed that way to keep you from daring to explore what your true life”s purpose might be. The madness that engulfs our energy field  should not be tampered with, the results are futile, and it’s bigger than we are.

But the one thing we seem to overlook in all our wanting for things to be different is the option to seek those that seem familiar to us. Where our beauty is seen through the eyes of like minds and kindred spirits. Where our hearts can feel a sense of relief from the constant protection that is provided to the soul .

When the heart becomes lighter we are free to drift into a dimension above and beyond the grey matter that keeps us suppressed and anxious.

Finding our flock allows for comfort and ease of being, acceptance rather than attachment.  Acceptance is allowing for the detachment of people and things that do not serve us so this allows for the unquestionable belief int the power of the self.

Attachment however keeps us in an impoverished consciousness which in turn will not allow us to be free from fear and insecurity.  It labels everything and with it comes a heavy price tag.

Acceptance however allows for the hidden wisdom of the unknown to be embraced with love and joy therefore creating a vibrational field of laughter through light heartedness which is a magnet for success on any level.  Creativity of the self is expressed and the possibilities are endless, this is true freedom.

The path of uncertainty is fertile allowing for true personal evolution to grow from.  The path of attachment lives in the past where there is only stagnation, disorder therefore disharmony and ultimately unhappiness.

As so many of our wonderful spiritual teachers agree on that to stay present is to stay alert and aware, giving us a signal when someone has breached our boundaries and taking  what is not their’s to begin with.

So the good luck that is so often mentioned as some having while others do not is merely a preparedness to recognize an opportunity the Universe is offering you, and as the two meet with alert witnessing through the chaos solution emerges that will benefit you and all those around you.

So to keep your dreams alive and well in the awake world we live in, broaden your perception allowing the flow of possibilities to enter as your detachment from things creates a whole new world filled with adventure and excitement becomes ignited.  You experience true freedom through lightening your load and are ready for whatever opportunity presents itself.

Carl Jung said that transformation is uncovering a greater version of yourself, but in order to do that we must align our environments to support the discomfort that change can create especially for those experiencing it for the first time.

Change is inevitable but the one constant is who you bring to the party and that is you.  Embrace the miracle as it manifests itself around a life force that is you!!

With love and Light


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