hidden hunger

To be hungry doesn’t always have to do with food, although far too many people go without while the rest of the world watches, this still remains the most unconscious of all human behavior.

The hunger I speak of is hidden from sight, it cannot be determined by the state of our bodies for it exists in our minds and hearts. The hunger to be noticed, loved, and accepted for who we are for many is a life long journey.

The standards that human society has placed on everyone creates a barrier separating those that choose to go outside the realm of the norm. Being different is immediately labeled and little tolerance is given through a lack of understanding and compassion.

Because someone chooses to be different does not mean they are not human with the same wants and desires as the rest of society, it just means they have listed what’s important in a different order than most.

As children we have been introduced to these individuals through fairytales about animals such as the ugly duckling, who was mistakingly placed in the wrong nest and therefore ridiculed and made fun of only to find she was nothing less than a beautiful swan.

We are all beautiful and have so much to offer when we feel the comfort and unconditional love of those around us. Family is always our first and natural choice. When you feel like the black sheep or the ugly duckling, remember not every goose can lay a golden egg. Embrace who you are, allow those in your life to recognize the beauty in your uniqueness. They have a choice, to feed the hunger you seek with an acceptance of who you are, or to cause you to go else where and spread your wings.

In the end its not what we have done that determines our eternity, but what we did not do or at least try to do that really matters. Forgiveness is our greatest teacher it has little or no tolerance for righteousness, only the ability to recognize the hunger we all seek, and that is TO BE LOVED.

Embrace the odd duck in your life for hidden behind the feathers is the strength to soar to the heavens and take you with them. Leave judgement where it can be seen, beneath you and watch how the angels guide you home.

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