availability of money

Ever since money become the center of our universe we have been obsessed with acquiring it, no matter what the ultimate cost was. The delusion that the only way to obtain what we needed was to have the cash or credit to purchase it.

A dear friend use to say the most important way of gaining riches was through the eternal exchange. Today people would rather store stuff they will most likely never use again then to give to those who could use what we have more than enough of.

We live in a time where money rules, or so it would seem, but imagine for one moment our electronic world refusing to give you what you think is yours by the illusion of money.

Money is essential for maintaining peace and complacency but ultimately has no real value. The value I speak of is the assurance that if all else fails you will be able to survive. Survival of the fittest no longer means how much money you have in the bank, but a backup plan as to who you surround yourself with, and the understanding that perhaps what they have to offer you comes in the form of exchange.

What will you have to offer when the world as we know it changes and becomes unrecognizable, as money no longer will be excepted as currency? We dismiss this concept as too far into the future to have to think about now. But what about our children and their children? Are we prepared to introduce to them a different way, where the basics can be obtained in places other than the grocery store or shopping mall.

Mother Earth never falters from her responsibilities, no matter how much she is abused or taken advantage of. She knows it’s only a matter of time we come back to basics and use her resources in a way that everyone can share.

Once again the delusion of paper causes us to think we have ownership of this planet we live on, but the truth is we are temporary tenants with a very lenient landlord.

Lets look at our world differently and the people on it as well. Allow those rich with understanding of how the change can be made easier to come forth and show us a different way. Give them the tools to work with that allow for their knowledge to spread and help us to embrace change instead of fearing it.

We are all aware that the world as we know it is changing and becoming unrecognizable, but the ability to recognize hope that others have to share makes all the difference in your survival and of those you love.


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