Life and it’s situations cause many of us to venture in the understanding of it through various ways, religious beliefs, philosophy, science, meditation, astrology, ancient history, groups and organizations. The search for self identity becomes a quest for life that cannot be found for it is already in you.

The idea for many that they have no life is in itself a misconception that can only be instilled through a mind induced process. If we are breathing then we are alive, and life cannot be denied. The mystery that surrounds the miracle of life should be embraced and celebrated, rather than dissected and analyzed through endless efforts that come to the same conclusion over and over again, it’s unexplainable.

The idea of being happy or positive through very challenging circumstances causes many to think the person is not normal, how can someone be so positive when they have lost all their money, or have a fatal disease, or lost a loved one, or have been cast out as weird or not right in the head? Well the answer is simple, they chose LIFE, the greatest gift in all the Universe. A chance to experience being a part of a greater picture that cannot be explained only accepted and appreciated through our ability to be humble and kind.

So the next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, and take on the roll of victim do the unthinkable, celebrate, dance, sing, and watch your world change not with your eyes but through the hearts vibration of love, a place where fear cannot exist. Like attracts like and when you shift your energy to embrace the unknown rather than fear it you begin to live.

Life is in the present moment the celebration is in honor of you, so rise to the occassion embrace the unknown make it your friend and watch your world become your own through the beauty of our body vessel on a space ship called Earth taking us along for the ride. So sit back, relax and be the witness to the mystery of the unknown.

We are closer each day to discovering for ourselves what the real truth is behind our existence and the truth about ourselves.

What grade will you be given on your footprint left on the planet.  It doesn’t take much to show respect and gratitude to Mother Earth and the people on her, it starts with one person at a time. It’s just that simple, sharing is caring and the gift of giving no matter what form it takes is just as rewarding to the giver as the receiver, for what goes around comes around.

Life is very unpredictable, so go with the flow, “don’t worry be happy”, and remember it’s not the situation that determines the outcome, but our thoughts about it. Stay in light and love and watch the possibilities appear out of no where, that’s what miracles do.

Just as the artwork above is showing us THE HEART is at the center of everything and it’s the greatest gift of all that we can give to each other LOVE.

Lots of Love and Light




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