searching for truth

As we grow older we grow wiser, but the world never ceases to amaze or confuse us so the search for the truth of things continues. Perhaps it is only in death do we understand the true purpose for our existence in the first place.

The mystery intrigues us causing a restlessness to search for the truth for we have been told it will set you free.

For many the truth of their lives is too hard to face and the love of life and the beauty all around goes unnoticed and even worse unappreciated. Our state of humbleness diminishes as we fall victim to the challenges instead of rising to the lessons learned. Each lesson, one at a time provides a closer view to what is, rather than a manmade concept that holds very little value.

We all love a good mystery it keeps us interested in the ending. Why not think of your life as a mystery unfolding the truth of things one clue at a time. If we are aware of the presence of the Divine in all of it the truth can be faced no matter how difficult it maybe.

We are never alone even in the darkest of days, it’s just that the company comes in other forms than human. If you quiet yourself enough you will recognize the disguise help has arrived in, it’s embrace can be felt and the energy it brings will give the strength to continue.

Energy never dies, even the scientists know that, so the next time you feel a gust of wind, or hear a bird sing, or feel the rain, know you are not alone it’s life in it’s many forms and we are just one of those forms in the present moment.

Don’t take yourself so seriously, take life one step at a time, and pause to reflect on the mystery that may never be solved, perhaps that’s the true lesson.

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