girl swan

The beautiful image of the ballerina portraying a swan not only represents an artistic connection of that in which we share the planet with but more importantly a spiritual one. The essence of the swan is not only beauty, but also the ability to share a deep sense of peace that cannot be described by words.

We are all created in the same image and likeness that is the very foundation that life has been built on. The beauty and mystery that surround nature contains within it the one truth that birth and death are one and the same, life is merely what happens in between.

We surround ourselves with the art and music of nature as it allows for our senses to be soothed by the familiarity and necessity for our survival. Yet we continue to ignore the fact that if we do not pause and realize we are destroying the very thing that sustains us, it will be too late.

What will be too late is simply the need to wake up from the relentless stream of thinking that keeps us in a state of utter confusion and chaos. To stop surrounding ourselves with a false sense of our reality is vital. This allows us to shed the delusion of thinking you can change a thing, but the only thing that can change is you.

Remember just because you have changed, and have done the work necessary to move past the circumstances of your life does not mean others have changed as well.
The road to self discovery can only be taken alone, it goes where no one else can. Even as we take others along with us their lessons are different than ours, they too are where they need to be to ultimately accept what is with a clear understanding the only thing we can do is to change our thoughts about it.

To protect yourself from the relentless need for the dark side of humanity to put out your light is stronger now than ever. Alertness while continuing to live in this world is more necessary now.

Find a place in nature that gives you a sense of peace and tranquility, watch a swan in action which is non action. This gives us the understanding that the outcome has already happened and the need to control is futile. Let go and go with the flow, accepting what is and not what we imagine it to be, and remembering to breathe and be thankful Mother Earth does the rest for us.

As I write this the Earth is rotating taking on the responsibility for the billions of people that require the gravity to keep us upright, or else we would be nothing more then a speckle of sand in the vast sea of the Universe.

So think of that the next time you choose to take yourself too seriously, or think that you are better than another, we are all subject to the vast unknown and that in itself is enough to think about and keep us busy, instead of targeting those we do not approve of.

The truth of things is very simple, “we are all connected” so when you look at another see yourself in them show them a reflection that is possible and watch the miracle of transformation happen.

The light and dark is in all of us how we choose to shine is up to the individual The trick is to create balance between the two and function as a contained bubble of energy, floating gracefully and peacefully through life, and allowing others to do the same.

Light and Love


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