Have you ever witnessed someone in your life opening their mouths to speak and suddenly you have no idea who that person is doing the talking? Words have such power that they become the main source for convincing someone of an illusion of the truth.

Believe it or not there is a method to the madness of the lies and deceit discussed as the truth. The vehicle in which the devil operates is to choose the weakest person in the pack and give them a position of authority allowing for the “Abuse of Power” to begin.

This form of attack is meant to target the strongest or brightest light in the crowd. This can be found in what appears to be a normal functioning environment whether at home in a family settling or at work in a professional competitive environment.

But this abuse of power does its deadliest deeds in an atmosphere that appears to be that of comfort and ease, “the family”.

The planting of the negative seeds, disguised as someone you love or least expect the darkness to be lurking in, is a tactic of war between good and evil. The devil was the first to infiltrate what today is commonly used in the art of war as “spies”

When people sell their soles to the devil by an abuse of power the opportunity to go deep within the realm of the light is what it is designed to do. The illusion that is created exists under the pretense that it is doing just the opposite. The deceit is causing damage to both sides as the person being used as the war ship sooner or later will succumb to the depths of despair as it sinks in the weight of the lies and deceit.

When the truth surfaces as it always does the ones who have been hypnotized by the lure of the devil have to deal with their inability or rather weakness in standing up for the unfair and cruel treatment of another through the form of chaos and confusion preventing the real truth of things to be seen.

The ancients believed “THE MOUTH OF THE DEVIL” is where HELL resides. So the next time you want a sneak peak at what it would be like to live for eternity in the realm of pure evil, look more closely as someone is speaking, do you recognize them, or can they be representing that which is unrecognizable.

It’s easy to dismiss someones bad behavior by jokingly saying he or she was temporarily possessed by the devil, but I kid you not the darkness is infiltrating the most unexpected places and the people in it. As you carry your light, notice those who shy from you, or find fault in your behavior for one reason or another. The spread of a false story completely made up to create an atmosphere of lies that the truth can no longer exist in, becomes almost impossible to defend.

There are those who still recognize who you really are without the mind made up version by someone whose intentions are to destroy. Hard to imagine, but The Divine gave us our imagination to use wisely, it allows us to go beyond the form of illusion or should I say delusion, to a realm of love and light where there can be no darkness.

Shine Brightly and you will be guided home.


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