larger veil

Sometimes in our lives being forced to see the truth of things versus what we want them to be, means removing the veil that has protected us from the real world, and not the one we created to cloud the ugly truth of our life’s circumstances.

The truth shall set you free, if and when you are willing and strong enough to face it and accept the part you play in it and those affecting your level of volunteer suffering.
Needless suffering is caused by thinking you have the power to change another, or that sooner or later the circumstances will change, and you will finally be free to be who you are.

The devil works in mysterious ways and lurks in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to indulge in a fix that will surely leave you questioning yourself and repeating patterns. The pain body just as the evil in the world does not dissipate but merely waits patiently to strike, causing the chaos and confusion needed to instill fear and resentment to all those within it’s path of destruction.

As sensible, intelligent human beings we are very naive to the workings of the negative forces of the world, and how they manage to express themselves through the most unsuspected

Some people are stronger than others and some are slow learners, and as a result go back again and again thinking the coast is clear and now I can be loved and respected for who I really am and not what someone has created as a character playing a roll in their devious make believe world that has become a reality for the current victim of the month.

The good news is if we do not understand how someone could behave this way it means we are not that way ourselves. To stop thinking because we cower at the sight and sound of evil we are weak and therefore not worth of others love and respect. It just simply means that road can no longer be taken and a new route to self discovery must be allowed to reveal itself.

Letting go is the hardest part whether it’s a friend, a sibling, a relationship, children, and most difficult a parent, it must be done because the amount of disappointment and suffering will surely kill you, as it’s designed to do. If you can’t beat them and refuse to join them they will relentlessly pursue destroying whatever light you have left as this is it’s designed purpose.

So we have a choice, to preserve what protective coating we have left and move on, or pursue a circumstance that will never change in this lifetime. The most difficult part is leaving behind those you love because your paths have crossed in one way or another.

Self preservation is very necessary for what is coming. The storm has been brewing for a very long time now and all hell is going to break loose and all we will have to protect us is the sacred space we surround ourselves in, free from darkness, and those who choose fear and hate over truth and love.

Love and Light



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