Many ancient cultures believe that there is a space between the waters edge and the earth where utter stillness can be found, a sense of peace and spaciousness dwells there. Perhaps this is our fascination with the seashore, the bays, and rivers of the Earth, for we instinctually know this as truth for it cannot be denied as we continue to be lured to it’s presence.

This presence I speak of cannot be seen only felt as we are drawn to the unexplainable sense of ease and calm we feel once we have arrived. Some people plan their whole year around a vacation they will have which certainly involves some place where water and earth meet to create that special place that is indescribable but ever present.

Our bodies natural state is one of ease and calmness, it functions best under these conditions, so we meditate,walk in nature, go to church, visit a grave sight and feel at peace. Places that do not require human interaction and confusion.

The peace we seek that is very necessary for us to exist has become nearly impossible. Electronics have taken over the world creating an atmosphere of static confusion which affects everyone. Modern man has turned into a computer zombie as an escape from their reality and everyday life. Always looking for immediate gratification in some distant or unknown possibility.

But the one aspect to our existence which is the very foundation in which our true essence or humanism can be found lies very deep inside of us. Just as the core of the Earth exists but cannot be seen, the true nature of who we are lies deep inside waiting for us to make contact.

With all the hussle and bussle we become more detached from the very core of who we are. Only stillness can connect you to this depth, and ignoring it is for most necessary. The reason ignoring the depth of who you are is that it may cause such turmoil a change needs to take place.

Change as the Buddhists know is inevitable, if you are not willing to be the change than all the familiar associations with your life that exist around you will change, leaving you behind to make sense of where everyone went?

Leaving can also be mental more so than physical, and as we find ourselves existing in a state of fear, we choose to stay in it and be silent, or to take flight only to find ourselves right back where we started.

To ignore the need for stillness only creates more issues to deal with. We are then no longer the victim but a conscious human being living with the spaciousness needed to see the lesson in everything, allowing for the answers that are hidden in the unknown to be recognized.

Being grateful and humble even when you think or feel you are on top of the world, or ahead of the game is very necessary, for life has a way of changing in a flash taking you with it.
But the one thing no one can take from you is the core of your being.

Jobs, houses, relationships, etc. all may come and go, but you can never escape from what’s waiting to be found, the very core of your true spirit. This cannot be denied and will certainly be revealed from time to time in the way of how things that pop up in your life are handled.

All men are created equal, the only thing that separates us is the extent that our egos rule our lives, and how dedicated we are to the worship of money, no matter what the cost.
We are all human for now and whether or not you believe life goes on after our bodies have given up, is very personal. But how you treat others is what defines us as grateful, it’s in the actions not the words that make the difference.

We all believe in God through one form or another, the understanding that someone is watching and taking notes is the foundation by which religious sects are based. No one is exempt from this and money cannot buy a condo in heaven. The real purpose for being on Earth at this particular point in time is to recognize ourselves once the shell in which we are contained dissolves.

Will you recognize yourself and those dear to you, will their light and yours shine brightly enough to be seen for all eternity?

To know yourself without all the frill is to take the time in your busy life and be still enough to know who you really are without the identification with form.

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