Just as we only see the one side of the moon, we can only speculate what it looks like on the other side. This is true about everything we take for face value in life. Something that seems so obvious maybe harboring a hidden agenda that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Recently I have had this experience where I thought something was not what it appeared to be, and as a result has cost me dearly. The cost was not only monetary but a severe set back in my confidence that I’am smarter and wiser than to be taken down a beaten path. Oh well I was as many before me have and many after will also.

This encounter with the dark side of spirituality effected me so deeply and I began to understand how fragile we all are at this point in time. The search for our true selves becomes so necessary that we turn to the places that seem to offer just that.

Our sense of community and the need to belong blinds us to the truth that stares us right in the eye, the only place to find our true essence “our spirituality” is inside of ourselves.

In the world we live in it’s normal to want things done for us, and to have others to share the experiences with, but in the case of “spiritual identity” it’s as unique and individual as we are.

There are no text books or rules and regulations demanding we go deep in order to free ourselves. This method maybe just too hard and therefore painful creating more complexities to our spiritual awareness than ever before. No one can catch you when you faint from too much truth but yourself. No one knows you better than yourself, nor really cares all that much.

The only thing more disappointing than a group encounter is being excommunicated from it, as you evolve into an independent spirit. We are all spiritual beings having human experiences which have been taylor made to enhance our growth process while we are here on Mother Earth, for what is a very short and brief moment in time.

So make your time well spent, do not fall under the influence of something or someone who only shows you that side of them they wish you to see and when it is too late they turn on you when you feel most vulnerable.

Spirituality is simply honoring who you are, becoming more independent from the distractions and all the noise the dark side of things creates to camouflage the truth of what’s really going on. This independence that is so available to us allows for things to happen as they are meant to, in our own space and time, uniquely ours to experience with trust and love of self that no one can give or take from you.

Embrace the beauty that exists in the only place that is important, in your Heart, and leave the fear and ill doings to others, the Divine does not tolerate deceit or unkindness from anyone or any place.

So before you invest your time and money into something that will only give you a temporary fix, invest in yourself and others close to you that give unconditional love in a world where money rules at any cost. Don’t make it yours, the ego is alive and well in places you least expect.

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