As we go through life we all have our share of ups and downs, and at times many of us may experience more downs than ups but that does not mean we do not deserve better but perhaps its the Universes way of showing us who our true people are.

As everything in the world is rapidly changing and becoming more unpredictable, and society as we have known it is vastly changing where can we turn for comfort and reassurance that all will be ok?

We go about our lives thinking the people we surround ourselves with will never allow us to suffer, but when we are faced with the ugly truth that you were wrong where do we go from there.

Well the answer is where it’s always been, the one place we seem to never look first, and that’s right inside of ourselves.
Expecting someone to behave in a way that they understand what goes around comes around is just too far fetched and unrealistic.

The notion that we can influence people to do the right thing is giving us nothing but a false sense of hope, making us seem needy and insecure.

It only takes a spec of kindness to have a ripple effect that can benefit all in our circle of life.
Instead of resenting those who could help and do not, use the lesson to strengthen yourself to then become strong and resilient and instead of being the victim, become that person you wish others to be.

For the change that is coming we will all need to help each other as if it were as personal as our own needs. We are a species with amnesia, forgetting how to behave and treat each other, we have all become so specialized in a particular field we have lost the skills needed to survive what’s coming.

It doesn’t need a crisis to understand we are all in this together and soon excuses for not helping others will no longer be relevant as everything we know will change.

Just like ripples in a stream the circle created will protect us from the current of the unknown.

So be kind extend yourself beyond your safety net and watch as those who catch you are the very same you failed to help. Forgiveness is essential on the journey of embracing your true spirituality.

We all have the gift of sharing its the true expression of caring. Actions speak louder than words, and no act goes unnoticed by the Divine.

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