quest for the holy grail

The holidays come and go and for many the event has proven profitable, perhaps through gifts or reuniting with loved ones. For many the whole experience is one in which we just want to get through alive while maintaining any amount of sanity we can.

The guilt of not being able to give gifts and the lack of receiving any gifts can prove challenging to say the least. This creates the need for us to suppress the pain body more than ever as it waits patiently for you to crack at the seams and allow the false comfort of your demons to surface as you long for comfort and company from anywhere.

No matter how continuously you stay present you are subject to a relapse if put through what seems like more than you can handle. The unknown causes enormous doubt and that leads to needless suffering.

Our search for our Holy Grail comes in the true test of your consciousness in trying times. If we allow the voices in our heads to take over the ability to stay grounded and calm while everything around us seems to be attacking us,  then the temporary suffering we find ourselves in will have won,  and we are lost to the world of the unconscious.

It is very important to understand in your time of need that if you allow it people in your life will disappoint you. Survival is most important to them, but the survival I speak of is knowing you can count on someone and in return they can count on you.

The real gift in the suffering is knowing the search for personal worth and identity can be that like the Holy Grail,  always searching not knowing what form it takes, and for some reason has never been found. The truth is we are the Holy Grail, so look no further,  for the answers are right there with you, it is apart of you it cannot be lost or found it is inside of you.

Allow the layers of suffering to peel away and reveal the unique beauty that is you. It doesn’t matter who may love you or respect you for who you are, as long as you do.

Life is too short to live it in regret or denial. Once you open the gift that suffering offers you then the understanding that all things and situations are fleeting, will allow us to be stronger and more trusting in the unknown.   We are only in control of one thing and that’s our thoughts about it.

I have come to realize the beauty that I possess and the undiscovered beauty in others. It’s timeless and formless,  its vessel like the cup that carries the Holy Grail can be free of demons and the evil that causes us to feel fear and insignificance.

Allow your cup to runneth over with love and gratitude, for The Divine only sees those who see themselves in the real truth of who they are. It’s all about taking what someone has to offer and giving back when it’s needed.

We are all living on the edge whether we know it or refuse to. When the credit runs out the only value will be in those we surround ourselves with.

Be kind to one another, lessen their suffering and you will be rewarded when your time comes for what goes around comes around this we can be sure of.

Treat others as you would treat yourself and watch the change happen, for no deed goes unnoticed, and the true reward comes in the end. Exit gracefully, it’s not your past you take with you but your present state of consciousness.

Happy New You

Lots of Love and Light


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