where is your journey taking you

The stream of endless thinking takes us to places not meant for us to go. Unlike the stream beneath this boat that seems to effortlessly guide the way allows for the view to be enjoyed and appreciated.

As we are lost in thought mostly about things we have no control over we miss so much and the loss of time and opportunity alludes us.

Life continues to flow with or without us, it’s forward motion waits for no one and if you are lost in the past or worried about the future, the present moment and all it is showing us goes unnoticed.

For many years I never realized the importance of staying focused on what was happening in real time, as a result I missed so much that cannot be recaptured.  Once I accepted that the past had no power except that which my thoughts gave it, and the future only exists in the present moment, everything became clear to me. I was no longer lost in a stream of endless thinking that prevented the message the present moment was unfolding.

Letting go of the need to control our lives, and the journey that others are meant to take by giving them needless information that only confuses them more, is what unconditional love is all about. Stepping out of the way so they may glide through their experiences with grace and acceptance.

Some roads are meant to go alone, and meeting them at the end of the path they have chosen is the only way to be supportive and reassuring.  The assurance that no matter what detours they take in life it does not alter who we are and the core of our being cannot be reinforced by anyone or anything outside of ourselves.

It may take a lifetime for the average human to understand that to judge, criticize, or condemn another will only prolong your journey to the Divine.  Deepak Chopra talks about having a conscious non judgement day, that’s how important it is to stop pointing fingers for any other purpose then to guide the way.

Remember as we travel on this journey of ours called life it’s not the arriving that makes it rewarding but the experience getting there has provided you with.

Today is The Winter Solstice allowing for more light to be shed along our path to self discover. It reminds us of the constant change Mother Earth goes through and how effortlessly one seasons roll into another without any help from us.

Your journey too unfolds in the same way, but only if the path is cleared by any unnecessary debris in its way, the debris I speak of is the unnecessary clutter we fill our daily thoughts with that prevent us from seeing truth in all it’s clarity.

Let your journey which now embarks on the year 2015  be a monumental one,  one that allows for the space needed for your spirit to rise up and show you the way home.

Sit back and enjoy the ride, the Universe has a far greater imagination than we do, this can lead you to an experience you never dreamed of, for life is the dream in the real time of the present moment.

Love, Live, Laughter



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