As we move through the years of our lives the one constant that has always been within our view is our shadow. It wasn’t until recently did I recognize the reflection as really being me.

Depending on the way the angle of the sun hits the pavement we can take on all sorts of shapes, giving us a sense that the shadow is someone else. many times the reflection makes us appear taller, or shorter, thinner of fatter, and by the energy of our step can reflect happiness or sadness, excitement or boredom.

But not until recently did I gaze at my shadow while walking and realized something was different, almost unrecognizable, it was me. As I walked in line and in tune with my shadow I became more aware of how far I have come spiritually, and what becoming spiritual really means.

We are born as spiritual beings in a human frame, and as many search for their true spiritual identity in books, and at foundations where you are surrounded by others searching for their identity, and those we relate to as spiritual teachers who will show us the shorter way to our spiritual self, is not where our true spirituality exists.

It exists in each and every living form just waiting for us to ignite the flame that shines for us to be guided by. The spirit intelligence exists right inside of you, it’s not the one that’s lost for it has no where to go except where you are.

We are lead to believe that spirituality is acquired or earned, that its only for the purest of people to possess. But spirit cannot be seem nor can it last once the book is finished, the weekend retreat is over, and the lecture time expired. The only one who can allow your spirituality to continue without end is you.

It has no beginning and it has no end, it’s form is your form, it’s your formless once you become formless.

So you see what you search for is right there waiting for you to get who you really are. That someone cannot be someone or something else, it is the true essence that is you.

Your spirituality is subject to the way you choose to live your life. How you treat others is a true expression of the way in which you utilize the purity of heart that is expressed through your spirit.

This is not something that can be taught or shown, for it already exists inside of you. You cannot find what you have not lost, just perhaps you have misplaced it for a while.

The time is now to end the madness to think your spirituality can be earned like credits in school and that you either pass or fail permitting you to go to the next level.

We are where we need to be at this moment in time, however time is going faster and the thought of it running out should be reason enough to wake up from the dream that you are separate from your soul, your essence which is your true spirit.

Love and Light


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