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We associate castles with romance and timeless curiosity as we try to imagine what life must have been like living back then. The idea of a structure protecting who ever may have lived behind those walls seems some how  safer than the world we live in now.

Our homes are our modern day castles, the only difference is that for many of us the enemy is also inside. This is a very harsh statement but the battle that constantly takes place between who we are, and who we are free to be is at the heart of the internal conflict. Many of us experience this while living in what should be a place of comfort and safety.

The threat is not from the outside invaders but the daily reality that our lives are tittering on the brink of collapse. It’s a different kind of warfare, one that plays with our spirit rather than our strength to defend.

The break down of the human spirit is the main cause for most people to feel defenseless under the rule of who we live with. This is a situation that causes us to have very little hope or faith in ourselves, this is what it is designed to do. The defeat of the spirit of who we are is so damaged it takes more strength than we think we have to get back up and continue the fight.

Sometimes giving in or the appearance of giving in can be the first step towards regaining your strength of spirit. The spirit I speak of is the essence that is you, the one thing no one can give or take away. When all is said and done that is what we take with us.

It’s hard to wrap our heads around how someone living under the same roof as you could act in such a damaging way.  Jesus understood this when he said “forgive them for they know not what they do” This explains the why of their behavior,” they are unconscious”  it’s not an excuse for bad behavior, but it certainly is a step in the right direction for us to accept and try to understand their level of consciousness is not the same as ours and they see this as a threat for their survival.

As a result we resort to creating a structure around ourselves with strong walls and start to behave as if we lived alone on an island surrounded by water that protects us from the outside world.

The expression “No man is an island” leads us to believe that without the outside world we cannot exist.  This is very true, however  this time in the history of humanity it’s very important to surround ourselves with like minded people, the ones “who get you” and accept you for all you truly represent.

Being different today simply means you have realized that the form of life does not appeal to you as much as it use to, your romance with things is lessening as the real significance of life cannot be bought or discarded.

The fortress surrounding your heart cannot be penetrated by that of the evil in the world whose purpose is to put out the light.  Be sure you wake up from this vibration of deceit before your light is extinguished, for they will have won and no one will be safe from the darkness.

Understand your significance, you are needed to continue the battle between good and evil to help others engulfed in a sea of confusion as they struggle to hold on.

It is easy to recognize a kindred spirit, one who is on the edge of hopelessness, for you too have been there and we must understand the reason we experience what we do,  it’s to then help others that are also under the constant influence of unconscious people.

It only takes one person to help change your exterior life to support who you truly are inside, a person of unconditional love, all it takes is for you to see beyond the fog that your life is living in, follow the light and  you will be home.


Shine Brightly



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