There are so many clichés about the universal language of laughter, and how just looking at someone laughing can create a smile on our face. This is the type of contagious disease the world needs a lot more people to become afflicted with.

I have seen many times how the joy of making people laugh gives all their burdens and sorrows, a break. The vibration of laughter can be felt inside and out as the body responds and begins to heal itself.

Laughing at ourselves is also healing but to laugh at someone else changes the vibration of love to that of insensitivity. This is what creates barriers between humans, the lack of empathy. No one likes to be the center of a joke, especially when it’s your so called family and friends making them.

The bond of laughter that is shared when like minded people are together has a long range affect, spreading beyond the energy field it creates.

The Happy Buddha laughs because he knows the way to enlightenment is not to take yourself so seriously!!
There is even Laughing Yoga classes helping those less likely to live life through laughter.

Imagine going through the day without laughter, the sages say “this is a day wasted”. There are so many reasons to spread the joy of laughter, if you are reading this now it means you are alive and that’s reason enough.

It’s my experience that people with less laugh more. They are free from too much form so the formless becomes there pleasure. Laughter lives in the formless, a place that can only be felt and shared by those who understand it’s purpose and importance.

This Holiday Season, make someone happy, do the unexpected, watch the happiness you bring to those less fortunate and share the vibration of laughter that can change the world.

Every gesture is a contribution to the healing powers of laughter. The real joke on those who do not “share” is that laughter does not cost anything except the awareness of it’s importance.

A gathering of any kind without the heartfelt love that laughter brings is a vibrational field going no where, except to age quicker and manifest unhappiness for those in the absence of this precious gift, the one thing that money can not buy, the love that can be felt through the expression of laughter.

Lots of Love and Laughter


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