Do you remember when you were a kid and how we all prayed for a snow day? The thought of no school was exciting and a break from the norm was a reason to love winter.

Even as children life presents many challenges and for some they are greater than for others. To have a time out from academic and peer pressure was an enormous relief.

As adults the day to day demands cause such stress we feel as if we will burst from frustration and aggravation. Most of it however is self inflicted but no one wants to hear that, so adding to our pack filed day the weather has sent you another hurdle,”the kids are home”.

We truly believe this is deliberately done to us and the pain body rears its ugly head causing the elated children to be forced to play out in the snow, for hours. That’s how we became friends with the beautiful white stuff sent down from the heavens.

As we experience the uncertainty of the weather it’s a good idea to be prepared on all levels. It’s not just the food supply but the possibility of the internet going out as this can cause everyone in the household to go into a state of panic for lack of something to do.

So lead by example, embrace Mother Earths way of giving you a much needed break, be in the moment as time has temporarily stopped for you. Just like the snow no two humans are exactly the same, use the unavoidable situation to get to know your loved ones a little better. Soon they will be off on their own and you will be forced to play out in the snow by yourself.

The Universe works in mysterious ways and reminds us from time to time we are not in control of everything. A blanket of snow on the ground is natures way of comforting all the living creatures waiting for the return of spring.

Use your down time wisely, the purity of the driven snow is a way of seeing everything as the same, perhaps as this holiday season approaches we will understand that we are all the same connected by an invisible force, lets use love as the message contained in its path.

Love and Laughter


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