While sitting on the edge of the bay on a mild winter’s day I had the pleasure of watching two muted swans glide across the water side by side in utter silence and stillness. Even as they fished for food their grace and beauty made the sacrifice seem effortless and privileged for the fish to be consumed by such a gorgeous heavenly creature.

The other fowl seemed to be more interested in the competition that instinctually was a part of the activity.

The swans watched unaffected, not allowing their methods to interrupt their flow and direction.

Their affection for each other could almost be felt as their vibrational field protected them from the world around them. They were bound to each other, only recognizing one another by their essence, the only thing that made them unique and individual.

As humans we are fascinated by them, mating for life, the two halves making a whole, each possessing in their structure one side of a heart and when together they beat as one. Perhaps this is where the heart sign originated, the vision of their voiceless beaks coming together forming a heart, understanding each other only by their energy.

It would be so much easier as humans if we all looked alike, then being forced to sense where another is truly coming from by their vibrational field as opposed to the clothes they wear or the reflection their inherent genes have created them to be.

As the artwork above depicts, we find comfort and understanding through the silence that others offer in our time of unhappiness.  The space between that  stillness of thought can provide is the first step towards clarity and reasoning.

We look to our mates and loved ones to provide answers that only we know.  The symbolism of the swans is a metaphor that the answers we seek are beyond the human concept of words.

So if your relationship is in trouble for whatever our modern day lives may cause, remember the wisdom that comes from accepting what is and proceeding in a vibration of  unconditional love and understanding.

It’s a huge burden to want to always be right, or use a phrase like “I told you so”.  The beauty of life is what the swans show us and I truly believe were created by the Divine as a symbol for “Let go, and go with the flow”  Words in the form of language created separation as their spelling ( to cast a spell)  and meaning is interpreted differently, causing more confusion and frustration.

Less is more, acceptance is the first step towards awareness.  So be mindful of who you listen to in your time of despair, speak to the swans, they can only listen, they give advise in the way of their existence. They recognize each other by their silence and the level of their vibrational field.

If we turn up our frequency it will attract like minded and heartfelt humans who have no judgement only the need to live and let live in a world where real beauty can so easily be overlooked through all the noise and confusion billions of people can create,

Be still,  feel what you have to say,  embrace your inner beauty,  become ageless as you experience life like a swan with love and acceptance, and the strength to ignore that which does not serve you on your path to discovering the mirror image of yourself, the true other half that makes you whole.

Perhaps this is the truth the Divine wanted us to see in the example of the swans? after all they have the wings of an angel.

Love and Light




2 thoughts on “BEYOND WORDS

  1. thank you Barra, I drive by the swans at the resevoir each morning thinking about them and hoping they survive each winter.My heart is with them all winter long and somehow they always survive,and it makes me so happy.Thank you. ginny

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