chinese monks walking in stillness

As winter approaches and the weather begins to show us who truly is the boss, many start to head to warmer regions, escaping the frigid temperatures that force us to stay home. For many this adds to the dread of the season and depression, boredom, frustration, begin to set in.

The thought that soon spring will arrive and then all will be well is of little comfort, for the winter is long and cold. There will be snow days and school and work may become impossible to attend, driving is dangerous, and as a result we are what some consider under house arrest, creating an atmosphere of doom and gloom.

So lets take another look at the painting above, the three monks seem to have a spunk in their step and are prepared to walk in the winter weather. They do this because they understand the wisdom in the season of STILLNESS.

For thousand of years the winter months represented a time of hibernation, instead of fighting the elements they embraced and welcomed a long awaited rest from the daily chores  the other seasons represent.

The sages relate this season as the time of wisdom, where in the quiet of the landscape stillness speaks in a way that only the silence the blanket of snow  creates.  The pure white color illuminates in the long hours of darkness assuring us that nature provides what’s needed even in it’s limitation.

Instinctually  the animals retreat and wait patiently for nature to return to its fullest potential providing all that’s needed to sustain them for another winter. They understand  the cycles of life and going with the flow becomes a way of  “accepting what is”. They work with the laws of nature not against it.

The arrival of the cold and wintery storms for modern day humans is greeted by the joy of Christmas and the New Year, and from that point  on quickly deteriorates as the winter seems to go on and on.

So perhaps this winter season can be used as time of quiet reflection, a clean out project that allows for the recycling of stuff not used that is greatly needed by others.  A time to reconnect with loved ones and be thankful they are in your life.

The winters of our lives is a time of contemplation, allowing for the growth of new perceptions as we enter the season of spring, providing the sprouting of new ideas, as we become more familiar with ourselves and those around us.

Allow winter to be your reason for being content with what you have, read a book, bake a cake, read to your children and grandchildren, for they too need a break from the everyday hustle and bussle the other seasons do not limit.

Walking or playing in the snow allows for the child hidden in our hearts to express themselves without being noticed.  So go ahead take a walk in the silent beauty of a winter snow fall, take the example of the monks and rejoice with them in the beauty that Mother Earth provides.


Love and Laughter













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