Where does this path lead you may ask yourself while the temptation of it’s beauty begins to lure you in. The unknown is not for everyone, without the road signs and familiar scenery for most it’s unthinkable to go where no one has reported back their findings.

We are all tourists of life, experiencing as we go, and for some the road less traveled becomes an escape route, where only your instincts and survival take the lead.

It’s very easy to sit back in the comfort of your home and watch the world through the eyes of others, and to allow your imagination to take you there, and perhaps for many that’s how it should be. For those who choose to change their scenery more often become the subject of questioning their sanity and worth.

It’s only natural to be criticize and singled out by others as weird or just not normal, so the one thing you learn very early on your road to self discovery is how to become strong and resilient to the people in your life you love the most.

I write to those who find this time of year very difficult as their path has lead them away from what they are use to, and can find themselves experiencing once again the very thing that lead them to the path of uncertainty, “the feeling of not belonging”.

The path to self discovery is not easy, but can be profoundly beautiful as you begin to discover and uncover things about yourself that give you a strength no one can take away.

People in all their humanity will let us down, but only if we expect too much from them, it may not be something they are capable of.

The experiences we go through is not just for ourselves but for everyone in our lives, as they have to decide how to handle their side of the experience. This is their journey and only they can understand this, and the path they choose will either include you or not.

Sometimes something is just too much for the other to handle, and as a result you become a target of non acceptance, and intolerance. Nothing can be done except to accept what is and allow our journey to continue even if it means leaving those we love.

Life is lived in the present moment, the past can only survive through thought forms in the present moment, the future is only achieved when it becomes the present moment.

Be brave! even if you choose a path less traveled the one thing that is for certain you are never alone.
If the path is in nature, it awaits you, always welcoming for there is no judgement. Nature also loves the attention it’s given as we relish in it’s natural beauty, and the exchange of love can be felt as it comforts you along your path.
If the path leads you to a place that is foreign to you, the one thing that is the same is the comfort a simple smile can give, recognizing the spirit that lives in it’s temporary human container.

But most important of all, the path chosen can lead you closer to the Divine and its a path that can only be taken alone.

As the Buddhists refer to the luminous mind, that which lead us to the sacredness of our being. Love yourself enough to shine brightly even when the path you have chosen seems dark and hopeless, you are the light shining for others to follow, where love is all that’s needed to survive and live another day with hope and gratitude showing you the way home.

Be merry this holiday season we all have something to rejoice in, even if the only thing you get to unwrap is you, discovering the ultimate present is life, your life, embrace yourself and give thanks that you are that much closer in your transformation. The pleasure of form is fleeting while the real pleasure exists in the formless, and that cannot be given or taken away.

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