xmas sadness

It’s hard to imagine that the whole world isn’t happy during the holiday season. For many it’s very stressful due to all the people and all the presents and all the money that will be spent and owed after the fog has lifted and we have our feet back on the ground.

For many the season will prove very beneficial and the gifts will have been better than usual. Then there’s always the day after Xmas, shopping and presents are exchanged and new purchases are made. So round and round it goes and when it will stop nobody knows.

The Merry Christmas turns into a Merry go round and we find ourselves repeating the same thing year after year. The unlimited food and presents gives us a false sense of hope that it will continue and that everyone must be just as happy and joyous as we are.

But for many Xmas is a time of sadness and all the merriment around cannot fill the feeling of melancholy that the lack of creates and ultimately surfaces with a vengeance. The thoughts of loved ones not around to share the day begins to take over and all the drinking, overeating, dancing and singing can not drown out the feeling of being alone, even if the room is filled with people.

So if you find yourself in a situation that more is not enough, share what you have with those less fortunate do to the limitations the holidays remind them of, whether it’s a lack of food, gifts,family, religion. Include them and help make their unhappiness disappear, it doesn’t take much to change a persons perspective on themselves by expressing love through the act of awareness of their suffering.

Give HOPE to those who have none by sharing your abundance. Too much of a good thing can be boring and redundant, but the act of giving is truly rewarding. Reach out this holiday season, put the Merry back in someones life, a smile is worth a thousand words, let the birth of Christ we celebrate be a rebirth for someone as well.

As we give thanks for all our blessings, give hope to those less fortunate then we are. That’s the true spirit of the holidays. There’s enough to go around the world and make the vibration of happiness surround us all.

Lots of Love, and Hope, this season


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