try dancing to a different beat

Sacred Dance as so many ancient cultures performed was a part of their daily lives, every step was a prayer to the Divine giving thanks for the basic necessities that sustained them and allowed for another day to be experienced on Mother Earth.

The vibration of their feet on the ground helped awaken ancient spirits which guided those willing to listen and understand. Many ancient prophecies of the elders were the only source of entertainment and their words are unfolding in our modern world.

We as a society are so consumed with day to day scheduled tasks that our idea of dancing comes in the form of release rather than homage.

Like so many preconceived notions we think dancing can only be done with a partner or at a certain place, with a specific purpose. It is viewed as a competition as to who is the best and most entertaining.

We are THE DANCE and life is THE DANCER. This concept took me a while to grasp but then as my life’s journey started to make sense, I began to look at life dancing all around me.

My understanding is that in order to dance we must allow for flow to happen, and the unfolding of what happens within that energy field is the source of life. Our lives can be expressed through the dancers we choose to participate in our DANCE of LIFE.

If we are dancing to different tunes than there is no harmony, but once we establish our own beat then others will follow and the vibration will be heard and Mother Earth will grant us another day to enjoy her beauty and unlimited gifts for life.

It’s not too late to experience the beauty all around us, even in our darkest hours life continues, it stays steady so we can adjust ourselves to go from misery to it’s mystery. To understand life was not meant to be perfect or concealed in someones concept of what should be. It’s yours to experience and sometimes that must be done alone to realize we are not alone.

Dance for Mother Earth express your gratitude and be humble in her presence, she is the Goddess of Life, it’s the one thing we cannot control and that is what she will do next.

So dance like there’s no tomorrow, find your partner and take the beat you create to a level where only love and acceptance exists. Remember life is but a dream, it’s what you make it, always try to give don’t just take it (for those of you who remember that oldie but goodie?)

The DANCE OF LIFE is yours to create, so be sure the beat is yours and the steps you take become your path to The Divine where you are well received and there will be dancing in your honor.


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