What’s wrong with this picture? How can it be we have come so far from the realization we are all Mother Earths children occupying the same space therefore being equal.

This image was a beautiful concept but one that never really went any further after the day ended. Yet today we still celebrate the holiday without giving much thought to what the meaning behind the day really meant.

To give thanks in the form of giving, and so many still go hungry, and are separated from family and friends do to unnecessary acts and events.

I use to think that Thanksgiving was an American holiday as a public act apologizing to the Native American Indians for taking over the land in which they called home.
Then as I raised my family it became a personal way of giving thanks the Divine for all our blessings.

Now it’s become the day before “Black Friday” a shopping extravaganza experienced not only in the U.S. but all over the world. Riots and fighting ensue as people can’t get enough and more, more, more, is the way of the world. And still people are suffering, not having food to eat or loved ones around to give them strength to carry on.

The world does not stop for a holiday, and for those who think everyone has the same day as they do is to live in such denial that the real truth seems a lie and the fate of those less fortunate will never be theirs.

Most of the human race believes you make your own luck and circumstances can be controlled.
This is a mis-conception that allows those who continue to behave in a way that only benefits them and theirs will not survive any form of limitation.

I say to all of you who are in some way suffering from a form of limitation, look at it in a way that the Universe is showing you how strong you are under adverse situations, and that not having what you want and need is a way of preparing you for survival of the fittest.

There’s enough for everyone if we would just celebrate the act of Thanksgiving as it truly was intended to be. Without each other we cannot and will not survive. So spread your abundance it will set you free from the confines of the fear that prevents you from being kind and giving.

The ultimate meaning of the day is that of GRATITUDE for the food and the company shared at the table of life. How do you feel this morning was all the food and company fulfilling?
If yes than you are very lucky indeed, if not then ask yourself why?

We have lost the grasp on moderation and the scales are tipping, no pun intended. As we consume more we will ultimately have less.

So today as the shopping frenzy begins the idea of less is more, and giving comes in the way of stuff we can live without, the idea of Thanksgiving becomes the holiday before everyones favorite Christmas.

Why not make this Christmas truly memorable by doing something that is so uplifting and rewarding, help a family in need, real need, many do it so why not you?

There is no greater reward than knowing you have made someones life even for a day happier just because you care.

Lots of Love, Laughter, and Kindness



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