ok lets talk earth seriously

Ever since the beginning of time we have been trying to make sense of our existence. Between all our scholars and our religious leaders the best they can do is help us to accept that no one really knows who we are, or how we came to be on this planet. They have allowed us to embrace the idea that a far greater power is behind it, and all we have to do is look around at all the beauty that has been created to realize this is so.

We all have our own concept of “THE DIVINE” and choose to view and accept that it is the very essence of life through many different ways.

In exchange for the life we have been given the only requirement has been to accept what is and do the best we can to try and make sense of it.

If we keep love in our hearts this becomes an easier task to accomplish. But once we loose sight of love in the unconditional sense we then place restrictions and regulations to be followed or else.

No one has the answers we may need to better understand the why of everything, but the ability to realize we are all the same and are connected for we all share the same home “Mother Earth”

I wonder if we associated The Earth as “Father Earth” would we treat it differently? would we think twice before continuing in practices that are destroying our very home.

It is so very human to think we can destroy a thing, like friendship, intimate relationships, family ties, ethnical diversity, forests, oceans, cities, countries, all which add up to the human spirit and get away with it.

So how do we stay clear in body, mind, and spirit? Well that’s the test. How easily can you fall victim to the unconscious behavior of the world?
That’s the truth of being a victim, a person who falls under the influence of evil and behaves with little regard for the world as a whole working system.

It’s become increasingly harder to keep the hands together that secure the safety of human existence. But if we all act in the name of love and not just talk about it, after all it’s easy to say I love you and it’s another thing to truly act in a way that expresses love, the grip on this disconnection between us can become tighter, making it harder for darkness of spirit to creep in.

Our thoughts are so powerful we can almost watch them manifest in front of us, so manage your thoughts, delete the negative egotistical ones. Allow yourself to be the beauty that is the extension of creation.

The Divine knew we were worthy of the life that was given to us, now all we need is to believe it ourselves.

THE EARTH AND THEE ARE ONE YOU SEE: This is a poem I wrote many years ago I hope you enjoy it.


When climbing to embrace a tree
or gliding down her slopes to ski
Capturing a waterfall is the grandest
gift of all
To place my foot upon the Earth and appreciate
the constant rebirth
You and I are one you see without the
other we cannot be
From the fiery glow of the volcano comes the mountains
and the snow
As the flower continues to grow be mindful of the seeds
you sow
The endless sea brings harmony through humility
Balance creates ecstasy in our Universal family
each in their own polarity
The Earth and thee are one you see
While constantly enduring seems the way of reality
the Earth continues to turn and maintain gravity
The flow of transformation can be seen in a rainbow
while the lack of compassion causes stagnation among nations
So it is up to you and me you see to embrace and grace Mother
Earth with love and respectability.

BP 1994


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