John Duncan 1866-1945 - Scottish Symbolist painter - Tutt'Art@ (18)

When exactly is it ok to allow despair to take over and cause what you have fought to prevent, “going to the darker side of reality where fear resides”.

Fear becomes your only friend when all else fails and those in your life give up on you and behave righteously as a way of ignoring your need above theirs.

This is what’s wrong with the world today, me comes first I must protect myself and that comes in the form of justifying
materialistic values over basic needs of others in our lives.

Then the need to be strengthened for not behaving with empathy is supported by those who feel the same about not coming to another’s aid.

Nothing goes unrecognized whether its an act of kindness or selfishness. To ignore another”s need who in some way has affected your life is a crime against humanity and will surely pay a far greater price than it may have taken to offer a helping hand.

So the holidays are approaching and abundance will be flying all around in the form of gifts representing “love” as a reassurance that the form when it is viewed confirms the true meaning of love, or does it?

What act of kindness can you perform this season, one perhaps you will not truly feel good about for various reasons, and ask the Universe to help you in your inability to give unconditionally and accept it as the right thing to do.

We are all needy at one time or another, the only hope there is without using despair as an excuse not to persevere is the belief others have in you, when you have none left in yourself.

To be in need is a very difficult position to be in, so why not make the giving easy so the strength to carry on can offer you the same strength in return.

The platform of giving creates a foundation of a healthy happy spirit to reside in.

Blessings are to be shared not contained in a nice little box for yourself only to be opened up at holiday time.

Playing God with others is only for the Divine, and he is watching and wondering how you will multiply the gifts he has given you.

Be kind, loving and understanding, do not allow yourself to be judgmental of others needs, just know the lessons are not just a test for the needy but the person who chooses not to help as well.

There are no free rides in life, and for the receiver of kindness there is a responsibility to return the gift to someone else who is also in need, then eventually everyone is free from suffering.


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