whispers in the walls

Have the incessant voices in your head constantly mumbling and ranting what seems like justifiable mantras causing you to act in ways that are less than normal.

Listening in on conversations thinking you are the topic being discussed as a result of a communication breakdown between you and yours?

When reading, writing, listening to music, or watching t.v. no longer sedate the nagging voices in your head then you have lost control over your thoughts and they become something else.

They have been lost to the ego and have created a monster that even you do not recognize.You are now someone who buys into the idea you maybe a bad person. Labeling is a way of keeping you under control so you are not free to behave innately, a way in which only those who know freedom from the constant stream of endless conversation the ego feeds off of.

People spend most of their day talking about someone other than themselves, so ask yourself why is that? How can they accuse you of something you would never do or say?
That’s because they would and do, it’s only natural that the voices in their heads driving them to perform such acts of betrayal are soothing and comforting to their ego, it’s as if they have just devoured a good meal and are happy and content in the digestion process.

The meal is you served on a silver plater to anyone who is willing to listen and get satisfaction in the slaughter of your love and kindness.

A kind and loving person is always the target of cruelty and evil, it exists in the very fiber of civilization and as a result can be found in the most unexpected places.

The expression “Home is where the Heart is” originated after many experienced the uncertainty of life, and the false securities it presents in the way of family, friends, children, partners, work, religion of choice, and so on.

Once we truly know who we are and the voices in the head no longer control our behavior, we can begin to know ourselves creating a sanctuary inside us that no one can manipulate to serve their egoic appetite at the expense of our sanity.

Only fear creates hatred and the need to destroy another, so ask yourself why am”I a target? Perhaps they see a threat that emanates from your heart and that light blinds them from the truth.

Darkness cannot exist in light, so you must go so they can continue to obey the driving force in their head that labels you as a target.

For so many the solution is very painful but necessary, remove your light where it’s not received in the way you are giving it, and find someone or somewhere it’s greatly needed and feel the beauty that is you just waiting to shine even more brightly.

Do not resent those who cannot “see you”, forgiveness is the first step towards their ability to come to the brighter side of life, and experience the true meaning and purpose of living, “TO LOVE’!

It’s a tall order to forgive and move onto that higher vibration for that means leaving so many in your life behind, The most important thing that is left behind is the ego for it cannot live in love and light.

You are beautiful, don’t let anyone cause you to think otherwise!


One thought on “HAS PARANOIA SET IN?

  1. Oh my Goodness Barra,you have such an inner feeling that we all have but don’t know how to release it. Thank you,you know me and that makes me understand that there are others out there that feel the same way,

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