This is one of many artistic expressions of Cleopatra arriving in Rome. My fascination with her began on a trip to Crete where I learned she was not Egyptian but Greek, the home of the Gods. So the understanding of Goddesses began to creep into my very narrow view of the world, only to realize just how far people are willing to go for love, lust, and ultimately to possess the power to control.

The amount of bravery and of course ego on her part to embark on such a life’s journey must have been enormous! A beautiful woman was to be possessed not considered an equal, so it was only fitting that she would eventually be brought down, defeated, and labeled wicked for all eternity.

Why do I bring this bit of history back to life in the next 500 or so words? It is to give hope and encouragement to those women and men who dare to be different and pay a heavy price for it.

Facing our fears allows for an empowerment that comes from knowing who you are even in the face of tyranny. The tyranny that I speak of is not on some distant shore but for many on their doorstep, and for some with in the walls of the place they call home.

We are all tourists of life experiencing as we go, and the concept of home is a place within the walls of ourselves protected where no one can reach or tear down. They will try and when shame and despair does not work that’s when evil is called in.

How do we recognize evil when we are in the company of family and friends, a place where we just presume we are loved and accepted for who we are, and that no matter what happens we are safe from the wrath of the devil and his deadly deeds.

Well the ego lives in the most unexpected places, within the confines of our daily environments as well as the outside world. The days of letting our guard down and not creating a wall of invisible safety around us no longer exists.

Fear takes over the foundation of a human through the inability to understand that all we need is love and then the vibration creates acceptance not intolerance.

To be different does not mean you have to be defiant, only those who refuse to accept the way you are label it so.

Stories are then created to substantiate the reasons why someone is treated so unfairly and then the game of life begins. Survival of the fittest and so on. Not buying into a system that doesn’t work for you will cause extreme discomfort at first but once the drama is over with and the dust settles, at the end of the day you can remain strong in the knowing it’s ok to be you, even if you are the only one who thinks so.

To be part of a whole does not mean you have to be duplicate copies of the same thing. Variety is the spice of life and every human being thinks differently towards various things, using spinach for an example.
As a child I could not leave the table till I finished the spinach in my plate and was force fed if necessary. Today I understand the nutritional value of spinach and love it.
If I had been given a choice perhaps I would have eaten the spinach.

The concept that we all have choices is not accepted by everyone. Making good or bad choices really should only be determined by the outcome. For many the outcome is not something freely allowed, and as a consequence the past becomes a difficult one to think about.

Remember our decision making is caused by many various aspects of the time and space in which it occurred. The person who made those decisions most likely no longer exists as he or she did those years ago, so why hold on to something that no longer reflects who you are? If others in your life constantly drudge up the past, or treat you in away that they cannot see the real you, then just let go, allow them to exist in the past that no longer has power over you.

Live in the present moment, as I have stated many times that’s where life is lived. Enjoy, find the beauty in everything even in the copy machine at work, or the house cleaning at home, or the pleasure of your own company when you find yourself without a partner. If you love your self so will others and if they don’t, that’s not in your control so let it go and go with the flow.

Love and Lots of Laughter, it’ contagious


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