For many years the power to transform color through the spectrum of a crystal has always fascinated me. The ray of the sun simply connecting to a crystal allows for the miracle of color to appear before your eyes.

Our visual imagination as we look into a crystal ball reveals a world of possibilities contained within it’s small sphere. For many the world inside the crystal is preferable rather than the reality of their world.

Others use our unhappiness as a tool to proclaim seeing our future in a crystal ball. For millennium the idea of basing our decisions on events to come has been the result of history in the making.

Why is it we trust another to see visions of our future, yet once the session is over we are left with the reality of our lives?

The future is a mirage, it never happens except in the present moment, that’s where everything happens, that’s where life is lived. So looking into a crystal ball allows for the imagination to see it’s many forms, and to escape the world that we are looking from.

For that reason everyone should have a crystal ball, use it as a tool for meditation as we enter a world that only the imagination can create. This allows for the space needed or the time out of the endless stream of thinking we are entrenched in as we try to cope and make sense of our lives and how we got to this point.

We are the dance and life all around us is the dancer, allow things to happen, let go of the control that comes with a budget or a five year plan. Live each day as if it were your last.

This thinking is very controversial to those in our lives I’m sure, but the one thing I’ve experienced first hand is that half the things we worry about never happen! So ask yourself how much time will you waste today worrying about things you really do not have any control over? What did you miss that may never have an opportunity to offer you again?

No one has the answers for they can only be revealed in the real time they are happening and not sum distant future that may never exist.

Life is fleeting, be aware of what’s going on in the present moment, accept what is, make it your friend and embrace the lesson hidden in it’s ability to show you the way, without words to confuse and deny you your right to enjoy being alive!!

You are the seer gazing into the crystal ball, and you are also the object inside just waiting for you to recognize yourself through its ability to transform you into beautiful colors that are you!!

Xmas is coming ask for, or give a crystal in any form, and allow for the miracle of life to be seen by someone you love. Watch the color fill a room as it emanates the true mystery of life in all it’s beauty through the miracle of color, and allow for the Divine to enter their space through the colors of the rainbow.


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