who took a piece of your heart?

Look closely, do you see yourself in the Heart Nebula that exists beyond the realm of form as we know it?

Ask yourself when someone has taken a piece of your heart where does the love go? Is it wasted in a sea of nothingness or is it an addition to the Heart Nebula that is collecting more and more left over or wasted love here on Earth.

When we treat love in such away that is wasteful, just like anything else in life one persons garbage is another’s treasure. The Heart Nebula collects and recycles the love and sends it back out to the Universe to reuse.

I believe love cannot die and even though in the world we live in the value of love does not have a high currency, it falls second to the idea that money can buy love, it can and will prevail

The best things in life are free, but because for some love comes at such a price we choose to keep it to ourselves.

This vision of the Heart Nebula holds the many faces of love, and if you look closely enough you will see yours. For love never dies just takes on a different form.

Love is not for the faint hearted but the never die hearted attitude that love cannot be given or taken away it exists in the very fiber of our being. What we choose to do with it remains the only power we have over it.

If your heart has been broken by someone or something that has occurred, try to remember the love you felt that no longer is appreciated and throw it up to the Universe where the love is not lost but multiplied.

Love is all there is, the Beatles tried to relay that to us in song, but we still struggle to get it! It’s so simple yet for some the hardest to share and express through thought, words, and action.

But no worries go ahead express your love, release the boundaries we place on it, if no one appreciates it send it to the heavens and watch it grow in a place no one can reach to change it’s meaning and intention.

Act with the love you are given by the Divine, and experience the sense of joy it can bring. It’s priceless, and if it wears a tag or has an expiration date avoid being fooled by the value placed on it. Love has no price and should not come with a cost that will only prove worthless.

Be mindful of those you allow to take a piece of your heart, for the Universe has a better use for it.

Lots of Love and Light and Laughter


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