This beautiful painting by John William Waterhouse titled “Dolce Niente” (sweet nothing) truly expresses the contentment to be found in stillness.

Often I mention the ability to be still long enough to truly understand what’s going on in the world of form all around us, so we must be quiet long enough for the stillness to speak to us.

In our fast passed modern world that can be almost impossible for many reasons. It’s hard for some to be anything but busy, always filling the void with more noise and confusion. Ignoring the reality of things with the hope they will go away, or temporarily leave us alone.

For many years I ignored the truth of a situation, refusing to accept the concept that the people I thought I knew best were not my people.

The need to surround ourselves with like minded people has never been more necessary than today! The world as we know it is changing, faster than we think or want to understand.

To understand something means to see it for what it is and change our thoughts about the situation and actually reconfigure our lives to be more apt to go with the flow of what’s happening rather than be subject to its after math.

For many the future is obvious but are not in a position to do anything other than accept it and change our thoughts about it to allow for an understanding of its inevitability, while those who can make a change not just in the thinking but in the doing are the ones who do not see the urgency of getting started.

What is the urgency I speak of? Well statistically in the very near future food will not be as accessible, not to mention water. So how will you survive when all the money in the world will not buy you bare necessities. I do not speak of this to frighten you, just to give another perspective why the stillness you must seek in your life connects you to the reality and truth of things.

Flowers are beautiful and feed the bees, but vegetables, and herbs even growing in window containers allow for the process of self sustainability to begin, and as they too flower the bees can continue to help in the survival process.

Anything that is new or different then you are use to is hard at first. But the necessity to be prepared for the change that is coming we must plan in the opportunity time is currently giving us. This can be accomplished through stillness, quieting the mind long enough to recognize the truth of what is that only our essence can connect us to.

Things are never what they seem, we never truly know what a person is thinking nor what their next move will be. The freedom from other people’s thoughts and actions only happens when we are truly in touch with what is, accept it, and become aware of the endless possibilities for our personal survival.

When we feel suppressed by a situation the immediate relief is to blame someone or something else for your inability to change it, mainly because it has grown to such a proportion it is out of your control, or so it would seem.

The knowledge and solution is in a place many do not look for the answers in, and that’s within yourself. The problem only then becomes how do I stop the world long enough to figure it out?

Well the world will not stop for you, but you can stop long enough through the ability to be still, and have a conversation with the only person that truly knows what’s best for you, and that is you.

Love yourself and you will begin to love everyone! The change we seek happens one person at a time, and that means you are needed not just for self transformation but the transformation of the world.


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