When we experience pain whatever form it may appear in, the immediate innate thing to do is allow the suffering to begin. We feel very comforted by our lamenting as it creates a wall between us and the real truth of things.

Too often the “WHY” of a situation causes such doubt in ourselves and those around us, that we choose barriers to ease the pain that allows for the distance needed to suffer in silence.

Silent suffering solves nothing but the creation of non truth that the wall around you permits, not allowing your version to be expressed, and permanent damage that may take many lifetimes to get over is created.

It’s difficult to express how you feel to the source of the problem and so we choose to seek the ears and guidance of someone who doesn’t have a clue of what you speak of. Or perhaps the understanding of another who harbors the same resentment, that allows for the dis-ease to manifest itself around the evil that has it’s own agenda. Misery loves company!

The human condition relies on the ego to get us through such difficult times and we find ourselves in a position of defense. This can only create more pain and suffering as it is sure to involve others in your life.

Then the real problem begins, the pointing of fingers and the denial of truth. It involves picking and choosing players that will strengthen your teams ability to win the game against the truth, and you fall victim to so much more pain and suffering than you could ever have imagined.

Cruelty and evil are as innate to human emotions as love and acceptance. It’s even harder still that the people you trust the most could find it so easy to hurt you just for the sake of being right.

Love knows no barriers and when you have to find refuge behind a wall that could easily be torn down, look in your heart for the reasons why you maybe such an easy target?

The lack of self love and respect does not allow you to go beyond the ego that exists in the world of form. You fall victim to a mean spiritedness that can only exist where there is no love.

The time has come for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself that allows for the wall you lean on to get higher and higher! So how and where do we begin this seemingly impossible task?

Well for a start instead of building an obvious exterior wall through defeat and despair, how about building a wall inside yourself where the spirit of who you are can be protected from the daily encounters we may have with evil and fear.

Remember most people are cruel and unforgiving because they “choose” to live in fear as opposed to love.

Love knows only kindness and forgiveness, so the next time someone says they love you make sure the love they speak of is the same as yours!!

This is where to begin, where you have choices for the pain and suffering you find yourself in. Protect yourself on all fronts and watch the back door to your heart, that’s how you allow evil in, by not seeing it coming.

Wake up from the illusion that form presents itself in, behind the mask may lie more than you have bargained for.

Love, be kind, expose evil for it cannot live in your light. So do not hide your brightness you owe it to yourself and the world.

Lots of Love and Light


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