As we look back on the events of our lives it can be like reading a novel reflecting on a chapter, remembering, glancing back to see whether or not that one person who truly affected how it continued or ended still follows you as one day turns into another.

But the truth is our memories not only shaped our past but for most continue to shape our future, ignoring the part where life really happens “In the Present Moment”.

We cannot change past events, the only thing we can change is our thoughts about them. To realize what it was about certain twists and turns that caused them to be our own story. Many choose to ignore or deny their past, thinking it has no relevance on who they are today.

As the world finds this new story everyone is talking about, it will be a much easier goal to achieve if we as individuals can begin a new story of our own.

We are all part of a whole and for the whole to function effectively, everything we know must change. For the change we seek is not in any history, whether it’s personal or global. The change begins one person at a time. Creating goals that are achievable and realistic that will reflect on Universal change.

To wish does not make it so. Just as we can wish all we want to change the past, it’s not humanly possible. The only thing we can change about the past is our ability to see “past” the event that had so much to do with where we are today.

There are tribes in northern Asia that believe the past is in front of us and the future is something we cannot see for it is over our shoulder waiting to catch up with us.

Also the burden of bad decision making is not ours alone to bare. The pointing of fingers and accusations filled with “half” truths also had a hand in our story. So where does the story begin and end?

Well we are all a work in progress, and the truth is there are no bad choices, just a mis-take in our ability to evaluate what’s best for us. We are under the impression that if we put ourselves first then we are being selfish or unrealistic, and for many of us our decisions were not based on our needs alone.

Whether a decision is labeled as good or bad it’s still ours and so the consequences too are ours. The trick is to love yourself enough to be forgiving and this will lessen the suffering we inflict upon ourselves.

But I’m getting away from my point of writing this piece on this day. It’s my B’day and after so many years of questioning and doubt I have come to embrace the power of the unknown. It’s exciting to think after unloading so much unnecessary baggage that it’s ok to make mis-takes, and that does not make a person bad or weird or different from those in their family.

We cannot control the thoughts and impressions of others, and when we stop trying and instead change our own concept of “what is” we can begin a new story of us that reflects the one and only thing needed for everyone to survive, and that is LOVE.

It knows only that we are all walking miracles and the only thing that can control our fate is Mother Nature and she is employed by the Divine. It’s fair to say she is not happy with us and the real healing that needs to begin is with the real miracle in our lives “the planet we live on”.

It’s beyond our ability to control it but we can respect it, and that respect is what’s needed to heal all of us before the story can have a new chapter.

Connect with Mother Earth she is the Goddess of all time. Plant a tree, grow a garden, smell the roses, and watch a real miracle as it unfolds.

The seeds you plant whether in the dirt or in your heart will be the real secret to getting back to the future of things.

What is your heart saying, I’am privileged, or I’am truly grateful, and by sharing you are truly caring not just talking about it or even worse ignoring it.

Love and Light



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