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As I woke this morning I understood more clearly the suppression of our spirit depression can instill.

I began to think of ways in which I could combat such feelings as they were not caused by any one specific event.

Then I began to analyze the rooted cause and it surfaced as mistrust in myself and those in my life. The beautiful symbolic painting above represents just how I felt, wanting to curl up in a ball of protective color, and forget about anything and everything!

But then something wonderful happened the color orange spoke to me, it was so stimulating
a sense of happiness began to ignite my senses. The very senses that created the problem in the first place, that surfaced in the limitations that fear had created.

The color orange is a combination of yellow (representing happiness) and red (which stimulates
the senses) so the combination of the two, creates a color that allows for the happy gene to kick in as it is stimulated by the igniting force of the color red.

Many religions associate the color orange as the way to purifying your soul through persecution. The persecution I speak of is self inflicted, that causes us doubt in ourselves and others.

When we broaden our horizons we restore balance and temperance back into our lives creating a new dawn of healing for those of us in a state of depression.

The need for us to embrace change and go with the flow of things is very necessary and can be enhanced by the energy glow of the color orange.

This helps us emerge from our state of depression reinforcing the ability to identify those in our lives we can trust and recognize as true kindred spirits, and not just a superficial
connection that our current life dictates.

Form is fleeting and the identification of form in our lives can be limited to our surroundings. But our thoughts are not limited and the formless can be locked inside of us for safe keeping. So before you allow anyone in that may cause you unnecessary pain and suffering, think orange. The wisdom of color is in our body and mind and reflects in our spirit. Don’t allow anyone to take your spirit away it is hard earned and for many very hard to repair.

I can remember many years ago when I could not understand the way I was feeling, and then associated it to my spirit being broken. The good news is it can be repaired with the only way possible, freeing yourself from limitations that do not allow for self respect to emerge. Just as the sun rises everyday so too your spirit should rise and face the new day as a new beginning.

Let this be a new dawn of healing, broaden your horizons to see past the pain, and look to the brighter side of the lesson that life is handing you. Give yourself the permission to embrace the change needed to live another day, smile be happy, wear an orange scarf and let it help with the energy needed to get through the present moment with happiness and acceptance.

Surround yourself with the healing power that color can contribute to the necessary nurturing that’s needed. Sometimes people are just not available to give us that sense of safety, so we must give it to ourselves.

This experience gives us the ability to understand so we an help others through difficult times. Problems have a tendency of solving themselves. Unless we give our spirits a safe place to live we will find ourselves repeating the same scenario over and over again.
This is unnecessary suffering and can be avoided.

The painting above now can perhaps be represented as a woman in love with her spirit, embracing its beauty, lost in its luster, even if she is the only one who sees it.

True love begins inside of you and can expand to those around you. If they choose not to recognize it that’s ok for you have enough for the whole world.

It’s hard to accept that the people we love the most just don’t get us, and the efforts we give trying to convince them can be better spent in convincing others of recognizing their spirit and embracing the beauty that lives inside them, a place where no one should go uninvited.

The healing power of color, wear it, allow it to ease your pain and suffering, then you will understand the limitlessness of life!

Love and Laughter


One thought on “THE POWER OF ORANGE

  1. Oh my Lord, Barra you have the ability to give us the power which we do not know,thank you,you really are a saint or a glorious being to teach us to survive in this world. love,ginny

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