In a world where everything comes with a label and a price tag and the books you read define who you are as an individual, just as the place in which you call home reflects your view points on life that are influenced by the political climate it imposes on you, the one neutral language that is recognized by everyone is that of poetry.

Poetry knows no language barriers or geographical separation. It expresses a multitude of emotions in verse form that captures a true mood reflected in the space between the lines for the individual to interpret and connect with.

It knows no color of skin, nor origin to begin with, just the heart felt emotion that only the author can express as it can connect all.

Poetry in motion is often how I feel when reading a poem that allows for the flow of the words to create a sense of gliding through life with beauty and ease.

Even the saddest or cold hearted truth of a situation captured in its verses seem to deliver a softer side of reality allowing for acceptance and all the possibilities the next line may offer.

For centuries the art of poetic words have given us a glimpse at the poets perspective so clear and understandable that many are compelled to repeat it to a loved one or connect with another through the heartfelt vibration that poetry can bring.

Poetry is not just for the romantic, or the women of the world. How many woman have been put under a spell while a man utters lines of a poem to either gain or keep our attention.

The world of poetry is so often over looked or shadowed by the need to stay alert and informed to what’s happening in the current events of our world whether that is through the news or the popular tv programs and movies we watch. Forgetting that poetry still delivers the same impact as a good movie.

Poetry is timeless and is very necessary to keep us connected to a softer side of life where even the most tragic of events are expressed in such a way that they become timeless and very relevant.

Whether tragedy or comedy our lives are expressed through words, and sometimes less is more and the space between the lines leaves room for us to fill in the blanks , for our lives are just that ours for the interpreting.

Modern day poets are just as worthy of reading as the classical ones most often chosen. The problems and joys are perhaps more fitting to the current times but yet even thought the delivery may vary, the topics are generally the same.

We all have something to say, whether we are from the Eastern or the Western parts of the world. Language generally creates a barrier as the same words have different meanings wherever you may live. The one thing that unites on a level that we all understand is poetry.

So allow the poet in you to write a phrase or two where less is more and can be understood and appreciated by everyone no matter where you live, the color of your skin, the religion of your choice, and most important the language you speak for poetry speaks to everyone.

Discover the world of the poets you may be one and don’t even know it.

Love and Laughter


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