vincente romero

How often does the question of “Hows the weather there”? get asked when there seems nothing else to say. The topic of the weather is a great way to avoid the real issues. Most of the people in our lives don’t really care how our barometer is doing so to avoid any real life questions the subject of the weather seems a good way to avoid the turbulence stirring inside.

How many ship wrecks or stormy relationships could have been avoided if the art of communication could have been used.

The artist Vincent Romero understood the beauty of the landscape as well the image of a very lovely and content woman picking flowers adding to the beauty emanating from her energy as she gazed upon the God created world in front of her.

If it’s raining or the weather is any less than perfect how does that effect you? Are you happy enough to not need the sun and flowers to make you feel better? or do you use it as an excuse to be in a less than sunny mood?

When was the last time you took a walk in the rain? or in a snow storm, and enjoyed the weather giving you a less than perfect atmosphere to be in?

This can be compared to the temperature of an individual in your life that you are directly affected by as to which way the wind is blowing. How wonderful it would be to possess beautiful, sunny days inside you always reflecting a beautiful atmosphere for anything that may come your way that day.

You see it’s never really the situation that carries the forecast but your thoughts about it that make it a day for an umbrella to protect you from any fallout that may have nothing to do with you, nor have been caused by you.

So when you find yourself in a storm not of your making, don’t ask how’s the weather today, simply ask how’s your weather today and offer an umbrella if one is needed.

It’s in the space that is provided where so called problems are solved, the space to allow for that individual to be ready to talk about what their internal barometer is reading.

It takes time to figure out the real dilemma so while that’s happening take yourself for a walk where all the problems can melt away in the scenery that is pure and utterly amazing. It was created with love and invites you in no matter what the weather is doing.

I believe nature was created for us to take a break from the the endless stream of thinking, giving a time out to stop and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us. The strength to continue a somewhat frustrating life condition that at times seems hopeless can be put in a much better perspective as you walk with silence and acceptance, without words.

Don’t be sad, frustrated, unhappy, go for a walk with Mother Nature she will be waiting to comfort you, for there you are loved and accepted just the way you are.

It’s the simple things in life that cannot hide the complications we give it. The problems of the world are man made, the answers are in the landscape hiding in clear site.

It’s raining here again today, but the weather is sunny inside, how’s the forecast in your part of the world, do you need your umbrella today?

Lots of Love and Sunshine


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