don't beg

We all look to others for our safety and assurance that all will be well. How many times have we been told “No problem” or “I’ll take care of it”, or “Don’t worry about it” and then before you know it your fears concerning the issue surface and boom it’s in your face.

But what’s in your face? the fact that the person you trusted didn’t come through or the fact that you didn’t respond to your gut feeling that could have prevented the situation from occurring in the first place?

So why do we not confront issues that affect us, and allow someone else to take care of it? This is a question I asked myself when events took place that changed everything in my life as I stood by and watched. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? if not then you truly are in touch with your innate sense of what your needs are, but how does that affect others in your life? So you see no matter what choices and decisions we make it affects everyone around us.

Making better choices is very necessary as we go through our daily lives, the decisions that are made no longer involve just you and yours. This means that every conscious choice is just that “conscious” not “unconscious”! We can no longer use ignorance or passive behavior to determine our fate. This goes both personally and globally.

If you thought managing decision making for you was difficult, I can only imagine how hard it will be to consider the entire world’s dilemma!

But in truth all humans require the same thing, food, shelter, safety, and most of all the sense that someone cares and they are not alone!

So where am’I going with all this? What started out as a beautiful depiction above of how bitter sweet life can be especially certain moments when the fear of departure maybe the truth of a situation, what are you left with?

What if your life situation changed without warning, who did you trust to always honor and respect you and your needs that was capable of the ultimate betrayal, to act in a way that proved you did not come first.

The only person in this world who will put you and your needs first is you. For many this is impossible or so it seems. I’am not suggesting as parents we put the “needs” of our children in a less important category, but I’am saying to put everything in perspective, giving a sense of what’s possible and what’s not! The need for their love and adoration of us should not have to come with a price.

When you operate with a true sense of your needs as well as theirs you instill a sense of equality that will last as they grow into adults going off into the world understanding the needs of others as well as theirs.

For centuries personal gain and profit has been the way of the world, the haves and the have nots co-existing in a way where trust no longer has any meaning or purpose.
The only sure thing we have in life is the ability to know what’s best for us and that knowing was a gift instilled within the very structure of our body “The Heart’s Intelligence”

Yes, I know, once again the subject of the heart is the focus of this piece. It deserves repeating over and over again until we can understand just how equipped we are to detect our needs and operate in a way that we are doing what feels right without facts and figures to back it up. The heart does all that for us.

So the next time a gut feeling arises and you choose to ignore it, think again pay attention to what is going on around you and do not put your fate in anyone else’s hands but yours!!

With Love and Respect,


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