embraced by angels

Today is a very special day in many religions, a day when we honor and remember all the souls of our dearly departed and even those we hardly knew except through story telling.

I’m sure each of us has a special someone who is never far from our thoughts, and wonder where are they exactly?

We can only hope they are in the arms of the angels, or perhaps they have been given wings of their own? But one thing I’am certain of they, just like us they have to earn their wings.

Well I’m sure the guidelines in Heaven are not quite the same as on Earth. The events we face each day causing us to make decisions that will have a lasting effect on our after life is constantly being challenged. The seriousness of the results of our poor decision making will reach a point where correcting it will become impossible. The need to reflect on our behavior before “The Great Journey” fast approaches. We have the ability to soar with the angels if we truly understand the meaning of kindness, and forgiveness.

The person who functions in away that allows them to think they are above reproach for deeds that were mean or heartless will suffer the most in the end, but so too the act of forgiveness on the part of the person who endured the act will too suffer in the end more than necessary, because to forgive is essential as part of the human lesson and a passageway to the Divine’s domain.

I have often reminded those of you who read my work that the only way we can be recognized is by the light we carry and the volume of light leading the way to eternity.

So once again I ask you, how bright is your light, and how can you turn up the volume before it is too late?

So many people suffer in the hands of tyranny and we assume it’s many many miles away! But we would be amazed the suffering that goes on next door or even shamefully in our own homes.

Do not stand by and watch cruelty of any kind, stand up to unkindness, even if it causes you discomfort. You never know when you could be a target for the unconscious to attack and might need the compassion of someone who refuses to allow it to go on!

The thought that we are all equal and ultimately connected escapes many, and the state of the world is the result of it.
We are all beautiful and longing to be recognized and loved, believe it or not all have that in common.

The need to help that requires going beyond our own boundaries at times is very necessary for our own salvation not just that of the ones you are helping.

We sing along to songs about just this “when your down and troubled and need a helping hand, you’ve got a friend” one of many examples. Just the thought that someone is not alone can give them the strength and perserverance to continue with life’s many ups and downs.

One more aspect of all this I would like to share with you is that everyone is unique and looks at things and events differently, so try to refrain from suggesting what you would do or have done in a similar situation and allow the need in which the person has to be the focus and what you can do to help should be your objective.

We are in the here and now, make it count! We may not be able to correct events with those who have passed, but we can change the corse of a relationship before it is too late.

Act with love and kindness not fear and resentment, earning our wings is not easy, but then if it were we would be living in Heaven on Earth.

Take a moment to reflect on those who have passed and ask for their help and guidance. That’s their job now, but if you don’t believe their spirit lives on then you will never have the pleasure of seeing them in the clouds, or hear their whispers in the wind, or feel their presence in the trees.

Life and death are the same it’s our thoughts about it that make it different. Embrace each day as if it were your last, stop the thinking mind from causing you not to see things in the full color that is all around you.

Love and Peace



  1. thanks Barra,thank you for reminding us of our beloved loved ones that have gone up to heaven. My heart is warm knowing they are near us at all times

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