The next few days are very exciting, beginning with Halloween and then followed by the Celtic belief that the first and second day of their New Year the veils between the worlds are lifted.

This is a time where adults can act out their fantasies by dressing up and pretending to be someone from a different place and time.

What I like most is the idea we can communicate with those that have passed in our lives, it allows for a reconnecting that maybe very necessary for us to proceed in our lives with less guilt or torment. All the things that should have been said can be done with the hopes they will hear you.

Even if this concept of the veils is not possible the thoughts and feelings conveyed will allow for personal healing to begin.

The dead were as important as the living in ancient times, as they believed the spirits of their ancestors lived in the hill, in the forests and in the waters. They were never far from their thoughts and prayed to them just as they did their gods.

This is certainly a time to let loose and be who you truly are inside and express it by playing dress up and having a legitamate excuse to do so.

I never use to like trick or treat, I guess even as a young person I thought mocking the witches somehow could prove dangerous. But now I realize we all must have a certain time and place in which we feel connected to, and this is the one day of the year we can re-connect with that spirit that once lived inside us.

Its like “Kismet” seeing or meeting someone you know you’ve met or have been connected with before.

So be mindful of the costumes people choose while trick or treating with your kids, or while attending a so called adult Hallow’s Eve party. See if you can recognize the person behind the disguise for that will reveal a lot more about that person then the street clothes they choose.

In the world of today people dress to express a certain persona, a style appropriate for todays trend,but if you had a real choice how would you dress? Well tonights the night, go for it express the spirit you resonate with, give it life while it’s ok to be totally out there, while expressing who resides inside your spirit.

Laugh, let loose, for tonight allows for just that, harmless expression that can ignite your sense of joy that is timeless.

Lots of Love


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